Office New Year’s Resolutions

Office New Year's Resolutions

With it being so close to New Year now, office furniture suppliers Furniture at Work have challenged me to come up with my top New Year’s Resolutions for the office and for work and they’ve created this really cute graphic for me to use. Working in an office in my real life (sadly I don’t blog full time!), I’ve been able to think of plenty! However, I don’t want my blog post to last forever, so I’ve narrowed it down to my top 10…

1. Transform the “creative space” in our office from a dumping ground for everything that doesn’t have a home into an inspirational area to come up with brilliant ideas. Whether this means recycling unnecessary documents lying on the desk, trying out paperless document software similar to ones on sites like filecenterdms or keeping things in draws, these are just some ways to get rid of unwanted paper lying everywhere, which could limit people being surrounded by a creative space. A friend of mine recently did this to her office she has at home and the transformation was amazing. If you’re looking to transform your office, consider Home Office Furniture from Buy Direct Online to make your office look the part and up to standard. She took inspiration from sites like Pinterest to create her dream office. For me, when choosing office furniture, I need to have a theme in mind before I go ahead with anything. But I cannot wait to start transforming the office. There are many innovative designs over at for unique additions to any office.
2. Say no to more things. Do you ever get the feeling that you take too much on? Be realistic with what you can achieve and feel free to say no if you’re taking too much on.
3. Spend more time away from the screen. Working online, it’s kind of hard for me to do this, but I may start planning in a couple of breaks just to give my eyes a bit of a break.
4. Take every opportunity that comes your way. I’m lucky in that where I work is awesome! You can do volunteering days, work abroad and much more – I want to grab every opportunity that comes my way and make the most of where I work. It’ll be great for development, not just for my career but in my personal life as well.
5. Only check emails twice a day. I’ve actually been doing this one for a while but I really intend to stick to it throughout 2016. Your productivity is lowered so much by getting bogged down in emails which just adds more to your to do list. If it’s anything that’s urgent, they’ll call!
6. Less office snacks! Ok, ok, so EVERYONE plans to lose weight in the New Year but after my two month hardcore binge-ing sesh, I really need to start acting more healthy. I WILL turn down cakes and chocolate when they approach my desk!
7. Meet my bestie for lunch. My best friend has started working in the same town as I do but we have yet to capitalise this and meet for lunch…or cocktails after work!
8. Keep organised. A lot of the time, you’re so busy doing stuff that you forget to organise yourself. I’m going to spend a few minutes at the start of every day thinking about what I need to achieve before 5pm.
9. Don’t get stressed! Sometimes I’ll find myself getting a little worked up about things but, although I love my job, it’s only work and it’s not worth getting upset about.
10. Be an awesome boss! I was promoted at work about six months ago and now I am a manager to a team of two. I really hope I can be a great boss for them, just like my manager is for me.

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