Why next year could be the year of the staycation for you*

Many of us can be feeling the financial pinch. So for a lot is us, it can mean that we don’t go abroad but choose to have a staycation holiday instead. You might even be a person that likes to travel and have a few holidays a year. If that is the case, you might still want to consider choosing a staycation for something a little different. So here are a few reasons why next year could be the year of the staycation.


It can be last minute

If you are someone that doesn’t plan too far ahead in advance, then staying in the country can be quite last minute. If it needs to be, of course! You could book a hotel in London or Bath with just a few days notice if need be. Then you just need to check how you’re getting there and you can plan your trip away. So if you have some unexpected time off, it is easy to make it work.

You don’t need a passport or visa

You don’t need to book a flight months and months in advance. You don’t need to get any pre-clearance visas either. If you were going to countries like the US or Canada, you must have this kind of check before you go. So staying in your home country can be much simpler and less expensive in that way. You don’t need to check that your passport is still valid either. So if your passport has around six months left on it, you could choose to not renew it straight away. There is no need to if you are holidaying only a few counties away.

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It saves money

When you go abroad, it can cost a lot of money. Most of that goes on your travel costs. Flights, especially long haul, can be so expensive. But there is no need to pay for extra luggage when you are driving yourself or hopping on a train. Food can be a big cost when you go away too. But if you were staying in holiday homes in North Wales, for example, it would be like a home away from home. You’ll be able to cook for yourself and have things like a fridge or freezer. You can take food with you, as well as shop in the supermarkets that you know and love. So it really does make a difference on the purse strings.

You get to see different parts of the country

Even if you’ve lived in the same country for all of your life, there will plenty of places that you’ve never been to. A staycation is a perfect time to see the sights or visit all of the places you’ve wanted to. You might fancy a hiking trip in the Lake District. Perhaps you’ve always wanted to surf in Newquay or Cornwall? Wherever you choose, there will be lots of choices. Tripadvisor is a great port of call for all the things that you need to know about certain places or cities.

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