New York: The Best Things To Do in the City

Statue of Liberty, New York
I don’t know if I’ve mentioned it on here before (ahem…) but I’m going to New York with Mr P in December and I’m SO EXCITED! I’ve got a lot of things on my “must-see in New York” list so far but it doesn’t hurt to have a few more and so here’s a guest post from the gorgeous Rhian Westbury who shares her top picks of things to do when you visit the city.

Broadway, New York
It’s so easy now to hop on a plane and get to New York in a few hours and while everyone probably has their list of things to do: Empire State, the Statue of Liberty or shopping in Times Square, after two trips (and another impending in September) here are some of the best places to visit in NYC.

Go up the Rockefeller Centre rather than The Empire State

I have been up both the Rockefeller Centre and the Empire State Building and while both offer amazing views of New York, I found the Rockefeller Centre better. It was quieter, cheaper and, from that particular angle, allowed what I thought were better views across the city. Plus when you go up the Rockefeller you can see the Empire State Building slightly closer up!

Get a bike ride through Central Park

Central Park has played host to scenes from hundreds of movies based in New York and is such a large green space that when you look on it from above you’ll be shocked at its size. Hyde Park doesn’t have anything on Central Park. There are so many things to see throughout the park including my favourite Hans Christian Anderson and Alice in Wonderland statues. It is nice to wander and get lost but I had a great time being taken on a bike tour. You can fit two per bike carriage and they’ll ride you round the park showing you some of the best sights and telling you about the movie scenes filmed there and other special bits of information. There’s a lot I wouldn’t have known if I’d have simply walked around myself.

Do the Skyline Walk

Beginning down in Chelsea and ending in central Manhattan the Skyline walk is a walkway in the skies where you can catch views of Manhattan that you can’t quite get from the ground. Spot famous buildings away from the hustle and bustle on the streets and find hidden artwork treasures on the sides of buildings which you couldn’t see from the street level. A unique way to see New York.

Visit Chelsea Market

Chelsea Market happens to be at the beginning of the Skyline Walk so it’s something to begin your trip, but this is one of the best markets I’ve been to. Inside an old cargo warehouse are amazing food stalls including a fresh fish place where my parents tried six different types of oyster and had fresh crab(!), plus there is a stall where I’ve had the best mint ice cream I’ve ever eaten. Past all the food stalls are craft stalls where you can pick up some truly unique gifts.

Go to The Bronx and visit Yankee Stadium

Yankee Stadium, New York
I’m not a massive sports fan myself but I knew I wanted to visit Yankee Stadium. We took a train up to The Bronx which took about 35 mins from central Manhattan and stopped right outside the New York stadium and arrived in time for a tour. They only run at certain times so make sure you check this out before going. Our guided tour included the changing rooms, where the players enter from and even the box where press sit. But the sights of the pitch itself and the expanse of the place was breath-taking. I definitely want to come back during season one year and catch a game.

My top tips for New York

  • Traffic can be quite bad in New York so try to use the subway rather than taxis where possible
  • If you’re going to see a show try to book it before you go as it can be cheaper (and save you queuing for hours in the ‘cheap ticket’ queues).
  • Take the boat across to Liberty Island as the views of the statue from there are amazing
  • If you go to Macy’s, get your 10% tourist voucher by showing your passport
  • Portions are quite a lot bigger in most places, so order starters to share
  • Go to Times Square at night just to see all the lights in their full glory

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