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If you read my blog a lot, or even occasionally, you’ll probably know that I’m always saving up for something. First it was our apartment, then the wedding and now we’re saving for our trip to New York at New Year’s (see our itinerary for the trip here). So because of this I try to be really quite frugal when I’m buying clothes. I hate to wear anything (when I’m going to get photographed at least) more than once and so I need lots of things which is a bit of a nightmare.

I’ve always rated budget stores like Primark but in the last couple of years, I’ve got a new found respect for New Look and they just seem to be constantly upping their game. The clothes are better quality than Primark, they’re super fashionable and they’re unbelievably reasonable – you can get dresses for around £15.

Plus, if you’re tiny like me, you can shop in their 915 range for teenagers! I bought a couple of things from there last week for our upcoming summer trip to Portugal (follow it on Twitter with the hashtag #PartridgePortugalTrip) and was super impressed. Big thumbs up for New Look!

Other budget beauts:

H&M – can be pretty hit and miss with both the quality of the clothes and what they have in store and sometimes it’s a little tricky to find things (sort it out merchandisers!). I love the accessories and it’s the only shop I’ve found that has floppy hats in different sizes.

Zara – I’ve become a huge fan of Zara recently, especially their coats. They also have lots of great work wear. The only thing I don’t like is that the shop always looks a complete mess so it’a not exactly a pleasure to visit.

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2 Responses

  1. My Blonde Reality says:

    LOVE both those dresses, are they current season?

  2. Yes I got them both a couple of weeks ago so they should still be in store! The black and white one is from 915 though, haha 🙂 xx

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