Does your name affect your travel plans?*

You’ve probably never even thought of this before, and neither had I, until I discovered the Flight Centre tool for holiday inspiration, Travel Name Game. This innovative little tool predicts the cities you’re most likely to travel to, based on your first name. The data used in the tool is based on actual bookings made by Flight Centre customers and it analyses what bookings people with your name have already made.

All you need to do is enter your first name and it will give you a list of three destinations which are perfect for you. Ok, so it’s only a bit of fun but it can give you some much needed inspiration if you have no idea where you want to go. Then, you can read region specific guides like USA travel tips to make sure you plan your trip to perfection and don’t miss out on anything the area has to offer. It’s an awesome way to come up with a brand new bucket list or to see if the predictions for your name are true. It’s also a really good excuse to get booking your next trip (as if you needed one!)!

My results:

1. New York, USA (been but would like to go again – maybe on the 2019 USA road trip?)
2. Sydney, Australia (going in February – itinerary blog post coming soon!)
3. Auckland, New Zealand (maybe not for a few years, but definitely one on the list!)

So what’s in a name?

According to Flight Centre, David is the most well-travelled name (any Davids out there that can confirm this?!) and unfortunately my name doesn’t appear in the top 10 most well-travelled women’s names (come on Sammys – get more holidays booked!) – although my bestie’s does: Emma is at number 8 on the list. The USA is the most-travelled to destination, closely followed by Australia in second place and then South Africa in third, which is definitely becoming a more popular destination. Ok, so that’s another one to add to the list!

Try out the Flight Centre Travel Name Game for yourself and let me know what your results are, how accurate they are, and where you’re going to next in the comments below!

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