My dream bathroom*

Dream bathroom
My bathroom is the same one that was put into the house when it was originally built four years ago and it’s really been last on our list to sort after the living room, bedroom and dressing room (post coming soon on what we’re planning to do in there!). So, I’ve started to think about when we eventually get these rooms finished and what I’d love to do to change my bathroom into my dream bathroom. My whole house needs redecorating to be honest! I’ve seen some lovely stairs on Pear Stairs but I thought I’d focus on getting the bathroom done first!!

His n hers sinks

Ok, so maybe I couldn’t actually squeeze his n hers sinks into my bathroom but this would be an absolute dream. I love a hotel room with his n hers sinks and it’s nice for brushing your teeth together in the morning and at night time! If we ever do get these fitted, we’ll have to make sure that we keep the drains as clean and as tidy as possible. I can’t think of anything worse than them getting blocked as we might have to get in touch with someone similar to this blocked drains gateshead company to sort it out for us. And this is the last thing I want in my dream bathroom. So this will be an absolute must for us in keeping them clean (if we ever had them).

A walk-in shower

At my mum and dad’s house they’ve got a really big shower that goes across the whole of one wall. The shower in my en-suite is quite small and so you do end up knocking over your shampoo as your twist and turn round…and don’t even talk to me about shaving your legs in there! I’d love a huge walk-in shower – like these ones – so there’s plenty of room for all my products! I really like the idea of one day renovating the bathroom, with particular attention on the shower area, with something like a custom shower base so that it will be to my own personal specifications. If you would like to find out more about walk-in showers, you could check somewhere like for more information.


To be fair I quite like the current coloor scheme in my bathroom which is grey and white – I have little mosaic tiles that are different shades of grey. I would definitely keep my dream bathroom light shades to maximize the space and keep it light and airy. My whole apartment is painted cream and I like the way the decor runs into each room.

Jacuzzi bath

So this might be a bit 90s but I’d love a jacuzzi bath! My wonderful boyfriend ran a bubble bath for me just this morning and there is nothing more relaxing than laying in a bath jam-packed full of bubblen.

What would be in your dream bathroom? Let me know in the comments!

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