My 5 favourite London blogs

I adore London and I love reading blogs about my favourite city. The restaurants, the clubs, the shops – the lifestyle sounds amazing and I’m super jealous! So here are the five blogs that I just can’t live without!

1. Modest London

This thrifty blog is all about living in the capital on a budget. I love it because I’m always trying to persuade Mr P to move to London but he says we can’t afford it – this might persuade him! It’s full of handy little tips on saving your pennies and how to make the most of living in England’s most expensive city without breaking the bank. This blog is a new find for me and it’s fast becoming a firm favourite.

2. The Londoner

I love this blog – mainly because I wish I had this lifestyle! My friends and I use this for restaurant tips when we’re down south and I like how the shopping posts mix affordable pieces with really high end ones – I fell in love with a Saint Laurent plaid cape on there which was a snip at £1415(!). Just been following her trip to Bali on Instagram and so that is my new dream holiday destination.

3. Liberty London Girl

Probably my favourite things about this most successful of blogs are the sausages! Oh those little beauts – Lettice and Posetta – are so cute, I love the Instagram pics of them in bed. They even became famous in their own right when they did some modelling for Mungo and Maud for Mulberry – awww! I also love her pictures from the area surrounding where she lives – green spaces like Primrose Hill and Regents Park mixed with cool eateries and urban living.

4. Flat Eleven

I love that Kelly from Flat Eleven is an American living in London – it’s really different to see my favourite city through the eyes of someone who isn’t a native. I also love her relaxed city style – gorgeous boots and coats for winter – and the fact that she’s going to Ibiza this summer as I’m hoping to do the same.

5. London Beauty Queen

If you’re looking for product reviews and recommendations then there’s only one place you can even think of going in London and that’s London Beauty Queen. I also love how she speaks her mind – I’ve seen her naming and shaming the bad brands to work with and don’t even get her started on a certain YouTuber turned author (ahem).

Have I missed any out? Leave your recommendations for me in the comments!

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  1. April 6, 2015

    […] huge thank you to Lauren at Modest London (one of my very favourite London blogs) for my nomination for the Liebster Award. This award is a way of recognising blogging talent who […]

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