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It’s only in the past few years that it seems like the majority of us have come to our senses and let the wanderlust bug bite us hard. Instead of caring about material possessions and collecting yet more stuff, people want to gain experiences and memories and see things that take their breath away, and travelling does all of these things. The problem is, becoming location independent can be quite expensive. Sure, it has got a whole lot cheaper than the days of the Titanic as travel is a lot more accessible, but it still isn’t cheap. But first, one of the most important steps you can take if you are saving money for a vacation is to open a separate savings account. Check out Lincolns best bank for a variety of different saving accounts to help make your holiday dreams a reality.

Here are some of the best travel hacks to save you money when you’re planning your next trip.

1. Always compare flights

The undisputed flight comparison champion of the world is Skyscanner. There are no two ways about it. Not only is it a doddle to use, not only does it compare thousands of prices across hundreds of airlines, it also has flexible search options meaning you can find the cheapest day of the month.

2. Emergency phone charging

Nothing is worse when it comes to travelling than running out of phone juice, especially if you need it to get to your boarding pass or to transfer money. Well, to stop that ever happening again, remember that almost every TV nowadays has a USB port that will charge. The flight departure monitors in an airport, the television in your hotel or a cafe, everywhere.

3. Collect those air miles

Most people think this is a load of nonsense because you have to travel a bunch before you have enough air miles to get anything free but, as Good Vibes explains, you can actually get air miles without flying anywhere. It’s genius.

4. Clear your cookies

Your browser is no doubt a storage space for all those Google searches you’ve made. They’re called cookies. Some airlines and travel websites will track your visits and raise the prices if you’ve visited them before. They think it will encourage you to buy because the prices are going up. However, delete your cookies and you’ll be able to get them at the cheapest price possible.

5. Free calls abroad

Loads of mobile providers are now letting you use your phone abroad in the same way you would at home for no extra cost – depending on where you are going that is. If, however, you are visiting somewhere where call charges are super high, then your best bet is to only voice call people when you are connected to Wi-Fi using WhatsApp or FaceTime. Simple.

6. Roll up, roll up

If there is one thing that will sting your wallet more than anything else, it’s having luggage that won’t fit in the overhead storage. Make sure you get a hand-luggage size suitcase to prevent you having to pay to check in your bag. Start rolling your clothes up instead of folding them to save space. Yes, it means getting your Tetris-head screwed on but you’ll save yourself an absolute fortune.

What are your top travel hacks for saving money on trips? Let me know in the comments!

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  1. Love this! Didn’t even think about the TV usb carver ports! That’s genius! I’m off away four times this year so will definitely be investigating this! Thanks Samantha!

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