Modernising your bathroom*

Getting all the mod cons for your home shouldn’t just be reserved for the living room, kitchen and bedrooms. How about giving your bathroom – one of the most used areas of your home – a much-needed update?

From small additions to the more lavish options, I’ve got a rundown of the coolest gadgets and must-have items to modernize the bathroom. For many homeowners, when they decide to modernize their bathrooms, this usually includes renovating and updating certain features of the bathroom. One of the most popular upgrading options for a bathroom is to consider changing the flooring. Bathroom tiles seem to be a modern choice, which is why so many homeowners use this flooring option. Whilst tiles can gather dirt and stains over time, this can be easily removed with the help of companies who offer tile and grout cleaning melbourne, or wherever the bathroom is located. Bathroom floor upgrading is a great way to modernize the bathroom. However, for those with a smaller budget, there are other things that can be done to achieve similar results. With a little care and attention, you could be making this room the perfect getaway from reality.

High-end bathroom furniture

A big celeb trend in bathrooms is the automatic sensor toilet seats. Imagine if the only people to touch your toilet seat was the Toronto plumber who installed it and you never have to touch a toilet seat again…ever! These toilets have an adjustable sensor that opens and closes the seat with a wave of your hand – the ultimate in bathroom tech.

The focal point of the bathroom is the bath itself. Here, you can go all out with spa baths, such as these ones, that create endless bubbles – perfect for a relaxing night in to unwind from the stresses of the day. Some baths have spotlights to aid the spa ambience with little coloured mood lights surrounding the inside of the tub.

Another bath option, if you don’t mind making some structural changes, is a sunken bath. This gives an airy feel to your bathroom and gives the illusion of more space too.

Next up is a bidet. You might think this is a little retro, and far from a mod con, but this piece of bathroom furniture has had a recent revival in bathroom trends. One of the upgrades from this decades-old bathroom design is the new bidets with warm-water personal cleansing functionality.

If you are more of a shower kind of person. We recommend installing a frameless glass shower, as this will make your bathroom feel bigger than it would if you had a traditional corner curtain shower. Glass Shower Direct have a website that lets it’s users design the glass shower they want from their site, this is much more convenient than designing one using a shower-fitter!


Bringing technology into the bathroom is much easier than you think. There’s waterproof casings on almost all your mobile tech, including iPads, Kindles and even phones, so you can watch the latest episode of Game of Thrones, read the next big crime thriller or listen to your favourite chillout music from the tub.

These casings are designed to be airtight, so you can be confident that your expensive gadgets will remain free of water damage should you drop them in the bath, or decide to have a shower with your iTunes playing from your phone. Just be sure to read up on how waterproof these casings are. Skimping on the price now could result in hefty device repairs later down the line.

An impressive feature to add is a waterproof television. Get the big screen experience while soaking in the tub, brushing your teeth or having a facial – without the worry of splashes of water damaging your expensive television. You can relax in the knowledge that it will be safe from damage in this setting; unless you don’t fix it to the wall properly!

Must-have accessories

Turning up the heat in the bathroom, you can go for some toasty items such as heated towel racks – the ultimate luxury after leaving the warmth of a shower or a bath – and heated mirrors. No longer will you have to deal with a steamy mirror! You can also invest in one with spotlights to give you the best lighting for conducting your face care routine.

A heated mirror will also help to increase the time you can spend in the bathroom too as you won’t be hurried out by not being able to see your reflection. How can you wash your face thoroughly without a clear mirror? We all know that a wipe with a towel or your hand just leaves a streaky mess.

And let’s not forget the trusty electric toothbrush. Throw away the ordinary teeth-cleaning tool in favour of something a little fancier. Check out this guide to the best electric toothbrushes to lead you in the right direction.

Electric shavers are also a great accessory for the bathroom. A handy tool for men’s grooming and with hand-held, rechargeable shavers. But which to choose? foil vs rotary shavers, its personal preference really but something worth considering. You don’t need to worry about the lack of a plug option in the bathroom.

Lighting in the bathroom is usually either a bright light or complete darkness. Giving the spa feel to your bathroom can be hard without using candle light so invest in some light dimmers to give you more options.

Ambient light will aid relaxation, especially for a long soak in the bath tub. The lighting used in your bathroom must work for all the varying uses of this space. It needs to be bright for grooming and cleaning, but dimmer for relaxation purposes. A dimmer switch can offer just the right amount of glow to the room.

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