Miraclesuit Swimwear Review*

I was waiting for the beautiful British summertime to happen so that I could take some lovely pictures of myself in this Miraclesuit tankini in my parents’ garden. However, that hasn’t happened so I’ve had to settle for some taken in my bedroom (sorry about that).

Although a good proportion of the “summer” is over, if you’ve booked a holiday for September or October then you’re laughing. Number 1, there will be no screaming kids on the aeroplane, in the pool and at dinner, and number 2, everyone else has already been on their holiday but you’ve still got yours to look forward to! I’m going to Dubai in October with my friends on a girls holiday so I’m one of those lucky people (I think I’ve mentioned this in every blog post I’ve written since I booked it!).

Miraclesuit Tankini
I am pretty comfortable with my body however, my stomach is still a bit of a problem area and so this Miraclesuit tankini is perfect for flattering and hiding the bits that you maybe don’t love as much on your body. It is ruched over the tummy area with extra material which really gives the illusion of washboard abs underneath. I think this tankini would also really suit a new mum who’s not quite comfortable with her body yet.

I think the pattern also helps as it’s quite busy and attention grabbing, diverting eyes away from that bit. I love bold patterns and prints, so this suited my tastes perfectly and you don’t have to compromise on style to get something that’s super flattering – I know I’m always tempted to go for black!

Patricia Eve Distributor
I usually go for a bikini on holiday when I’m sunbathing but a tankini is a great option for if you’re planning on going to a waterpark or if you just fancy covering up a little bit more. This one has adjustable straps which I really like as I find some straps can be a little bit too long on me. The one thing that I wasn’t that keen on was that it didn’t feel all that supportive around the bust area where I feel that I definitely need a little bit more of a lift.

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