Midi – The Short Girl’s Maxi

Readers, I have been AWOL for so long, but never fear – I am back! So let me just fill you in a bit about where I’ve been.

Well since we last spoke, I have moved into my own apartment with my fiance. It’s a cute two bed maisonette and I have added a couple of vintage touches to it to make it more me! These include my Bakerlite style phone and little rattan and pot hearts on most of the door handles. I have now been officially a resident for almost a month and we are slowly but surely making it our home. But don’t worry – I have sorted the most important thing – my wardrobe is arranged, and the dresses aren’t touching the tops!

I’ve also been super busy at work, it’s been deadline week and we’ve just sent the magazine off to print. So now I’ve got some free time to blog (and shop!).

Ok, so onto the good stuff. The weather has been pretty nice recently and with that comes the summer clothes, yay! I’m a big fan of the maxi dress but with this comes a lot of short girl problems. I am really tiny so if I get a maxi dress, I have to buy it in petite and even then it is sometimes too long. I love the boho look so I will sometimes buy them and get them altered to fit perfectly – almost like having a custom made dress but without the price tag!

This year, however, I have found the perfect answer to my dilema – the midi dress. Midis are big news this season and I adore them, especially in a casual jersey fabric. I find them super easy to wear and perfect for work, summer walks in the park and a cool cider in a beer garden.

The midi is also longer on me than on other girls, however I quite like the length on me. They come to just above my ankle which looks pretty quirky and different. It also reminds me of the 1900s when a girl’s ankle was too sexy to show. I have one in black which I wear with a lacy waistcoat picked up from a market in Mallorca. Next I’m really after an aztec print midi as it is my favourite print for summer.

Aztec Midi, £14.99, Missguided

Another big dress style for me is the dip-hem. I loved this trend last year (I bought a floral one from Topshop for my holidays) but I thought it might be a short lived thing. So imagine my delight when they came back in the shops this summer! Again, a perfect length for me – short at the front and long at the back, it shows enough leg and is the two most flattering lengths for my height.

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