Love Moschino t-shirt: outfit building*

Love Moschino
Do you Love Moschino? For me, fashion is often about quantity, over quality. I’m super disposable with my clothes and so I usually buy cheap and wear once (like this playsuit, which cost £5 from eBay and pretty much fell apart when I washed it!) – mainly because I can’t afford to have a full on designer wardrobe, as much as I might want to. Having said this, I have recently become more aware of the number of clothing and accessories of Gucci Fakes there are out there that look pretty realistic; perhaps my wardrobe can be upgraded with these cheaps items to fool everyone! However, there are some things that are worth paying a little more for, and it’s always fun to mix expensive designer pieces with cheaper fashion pieces. For example, I always spend a little more on my shoes and bags. And you definitely get what you pay for – designer clothes are so much better quality.

When I was little I got bought a Moschino top from some family friends but since then I’ve never owned anything from the label and so I was ridiculously excited when I got sent this gorgeous Love Moschino tee from Tessuti. The design is super cool and a little retro, which I love.

Love Moschino
I chose this one which is full of sequins. It’s perfect for something casual like a girl’s lunch or for festival season. For a festival I’d love to team it with these cut off denim hot pants from Topshop, my Hunter wellies and a fringed leather gilet. I think I should have ordered it in a bigger size to make it a bit baggier but oh well, once I really get on this no carb diet, I’m sure it’ll look even more amazing! For a holiday outfit, I’d add my Miss KG heels from Shoeaholics.

Love Moschino
For colder weather I would put away my hotpants (and you know when they go away that summer is truly over) and swap them for my favourite high waisted jeans – which are these bright blue Joni ones from Topshop at the moment.

And that’s not the only item of clothing that I love from Tessuti’s website! Obviously there’s the whole Love Moschino collection that I absolutely love but there’s also gorgeous Barbour coats (a wax jacket is next on my list), Chloe sunglasses and Michael Kors accessories.

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