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A few of my friends (and I’ll let you guess which ones from my Instagram pics!) have recently started having lip fillers. I’ve always felt a little self-conscious about my top lip (or lack of!) and so I’ve been pretty jealous of their great results. I’d done a lot of research into it myself, even reaching the point of deciding that if I could ever afford the treatment I’d opt for juvederm fillers as I felt that they’d definitely give the most natural looking results, but unfortunately, I didn’t have enough disposable income to be able to justify beauty treatments. However, one day HC Medspa offered me a lip filler treatment at their clinic in Mill Hill, so I absolutely jumped at the chance.

HC Medspa

The clinic

There are four HC Medspa locations in London and Hertfordshire and I visited their Mill Hill, location. The clinic was clean and minimal with an area for brows in the foyer. The treatment rooms are located down a corridor. The staff were lovely and greeted me nicely, asking me to fill in a consultation form asking me about any previous medical conditions, but they didn’t offer to take my coat or a drink (well, I guess I wouldn’t have been able to drink much during a lip treatment!). My appointment was with Dr Umair Qureshi who was great. I was nervous beforehand but he was super chilled and really put me at ease. He explained the treatment to me fully, we discussed what look I’d like and then he was really patient with my million and one questions.

Dr Qureshi is a fully registered GMC doctor with Medical Aesthetics training from the institute KT Medicine of Harley Street. He specialises in cosmetic injectables and has superior knowledge of dermal fillers and wrinkle reduction – so I knew I was in safe hands!

The treatment

I was REALLY nervous beforehand and I got myself a little bit worked up. I even thought about cancelling my appointment a few times before I made it down but I managed to talk myself into it! I’m not going to lie, having needles in your lips is not the most pleasant of experiences but it was nowhere near as bad as I expected it to be. Dr Umair Qureshi offered to use numbing cream prior to the treatment but explained that the product he would be using to fill my lips contained aneasthetic and so the numbing cream might not help too much. I decided to man up and go without.

The feeling of the needle going in to your lips is a little sharp followed by a tight, pressured feeling as the filler is put into your lips. It’s uncomfortable but by no means unbearable. The needle is inserted a couple of times from the corner inwards to the cupid’s bow and then a little filler is put into the bottom lip to even them out. The whole thing only lasts a maximum of 10 minutes.

My lips were filled using a filler called Belotero Intense which has a balanced elasticity that safely provides skin support. This product is hard wearing which is perfect for lips as we do so much with them – talking, eating, kissing, etc! I had 0.9mls of this put into my lips.


There’s relatively little aftercare for the treatment which is great for someone who is pretty lazy. They may swell and bruise at first and so you can use ice on them and take anti-histamines to bring this down. They may be a little tender for the first day or so and things like drinking normally out of a cup become impossibly difficult. Your lips will dry out quite quickly and so you should use Vaseline to keep them hydrated. Be careful of touching them within the first few days as there are open wounds which may be prone to infection. I’ve also heard it’s a good idea to sleep propped up to reduce the swelling. Avoid too much alcohol for the first few days after the treatment as this may prolong the swelling and bruising. Your lips will feel lumpy for a few days afterwards and you can massage lumps gently with Vaseline and a finger tip.

Lip fillers

The results

I was really worried when I saw my lips at first. Because of the anaesthetic I couldn’t even move them into a pout and during the drive home they really swelled up. I’m also one of those paranoid people that really starts to worry about what could go wrong. I needn’t have worried as the swelling went down significantly by the second day and the results are really subtle – no one who didn’t know I was getting them done even noticed. I love the results – to me they’re noticeable fuller, especially the top lip where I was most self-conscious – and I would definitely have the treatment again. The results are supposed to last around four to six months.

Find out more and book your aesthetic treatment at HC Medspa here.

New lips

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