Lazy Girl’s Gym Hacks

My mum and dad have booked a villa in Portugal in May for us all to go to and so – the diet is on! I made it my New Year’s resolution to get myself in the gym and good news – I’ve joined! I’ve talked before about my difficulties with dieting and exercise and it’s mainly because I’m lazy and I just don’t enjoy it! But as we get older, it’s definitely even more important to keep in shape so here are my gym hacks, designed especially for all the lazy girls like me.

A gym selfie to inspire you!

1. Sign up to a contract

I’ve recently signed up to a gym near to my work for six months. Signing up to a contract you can’t get out of will really motivate you to go as you’ve already paid and you totally wouldn’t want to waste that money, would you?!

2. Find a gym buddy

I’ve been going with a colleague from work and she really keeps me motivated. For starters she’s a lot fitter than me, she does lots of running, and so I don’t slack off when she’s there. It’s also good for getting you there in the first place – if someone asks you to go, it’s not polite to turn them down, is it?

3. Substitute the gym for home exercise

If you REALLY can’t make it to the gym then make sure you do some exercise at home instead. I couldn’t really face going this weekend (although I had planned to – BAD GIRL!) after two nights out and a hectic week at work and so I did some resitance training at home on the Saturday and then did YouTube yoga this evening. As long as you’re keeping active, it doesn’t really matter where you are. And if you do want to take your home excercise to the next level, online suppliers such as Physique Sports have all the products you need to set up your own home gym. I follow someone on social media who recently created a home gym, as they were fed up with not sticking to their goal of attending the gym every so often. This person is based in India, so to get her hands the right products, she looked into finding the best Treadmill in India and worked her way from there. As she began using this piece of equipment frequently, she began investing in other essentials. This was definitely motivation for me to start saving for my own equipment, so I can at least continue to work out at home.

4. Get all the gear (even if you do have no idea)

There’s some gorgeous gym clothes around – I especially love the Victoria Secret Pink leggings and the Nike Just Do It ones or some from Chic Empire which say “Work Out” on them – basically any leggings with writing on are all well and good with me! Plus the sports bras (I bought a bright pink Puma one) and baggy tees and then a gorgeous pair of Nike Airs and you’re almost more ready for the catwalk than the gym. With this being said, when it comes to shoes, I’m sure you’d rather go for something that was comfortable over it being stylish. I mean, if they are both cute and comfortable, that’s a bonus. Why not go for something like Vessi shoes, which would be great for hitting the gym with. Even if you are not a gym fanatic, as long as you are feeling comfortable for the times you go end up going, that’s all that matters.

5. Go straight after/before work

Go to the gym when you’re already on your way to somewhere – that way you’ve already motivated yourself to leave the house so you’re already one hurdle down. Don’t come home after work and then get settled on the sofa as it will make it ten times harder to leave!

6. Reward yourself once you’ve been


When you get home, put a lovely face mask on, relax with a film or spend half an hour with a good book. This will probably work like positive reinforcement and encourage you to go to the gym more – plus, you’ll be really proud of yourself! Just don’t reward yourself with a takeaway or a chocolate bar – you don’t want to undo all your hard work!

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    Thanks for linking up with me! I look forward to seeing your progress! Good Luck.

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