January Digital Detox*

Digital Detox
The New Year is always a time for detoxing. Usually it’s all about making healthy lifestyle changes – clean eating, dry January (one that I don’t particularly believe in!) and joining the gym (one that I NEED to do once life stops getting in the way!). My friends and I were talking the other day and we discussed the effect that constantly being available digitally was having on our lives.

First of all – there’s the constant need to find out what everyone else is doing and comparing your life to theirs – ok, so if you thought Instagram was my real life, it looks like I drink champagne and go for dinner pretty much every day (so not TOO far from the truth!). There’s the obsessive games – Candy Crush and Wordbrain are two of my faves. And there’s the fact that EVERYTHING is on your phone nowadays – your alarm clock, your diary and your notes. Plus, if you have any kind of personal situation going on, the constant social media stalking will drive you insane.

And it’s not just your phone. I don’t know about you but I work in digital marketing and so I spend the entire day at work on my computer and then when I get home I work on my blog. I’m available on email 24 hours a day (apart from those rare hours when I go to sleep!) and pretty much always contactable via one of my two mobile phones.

So January is the perfect time for

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