It’s All Black and White

Dress, £20, Dorothy Perkins

As I’ve grown up a lot over the last couple of years (I now have a house, a fiance AND a full time job), I feel that my shopping habits have also grown up. Not only do I not spend half of my wages every month on clothing , I instead buy furnishings for the house and I tend to buy pieces that will last a while rather than something I can only wear once or which will go out with the season.

Now I have responsibilities I simply can’t afford to shop the way I used to and so I am now an advocate of Sensible Shopping.

Top, £15, Dorothy Perkins

And that is why I found myself in Dorothy Perkins (a perfectly sensible shop) on a Saturday afternoon. I feel like Dotty P’s is the more grown up Arcadia store. But don’t worry, Toppers is still my fave fashion forward high street shop and I will not desert her! But Dorothy Perkins did have a 20% off day which did help to persuade me to purchase.

I am starting a new job next week in marketing and so I need a new wardrobe to go with it. I already have a lot of work clothes, I just wanted to give my professional look an injection of the new trends and a bit of an update.

I chose a staple black cardigan to keep me warm with it coming up to winter and then I also treated myself to these two monochrome pieces.

The black panels down the side of the dress are super slimming and it’s a great simple yet dressy outfit which will take me from the office to the bar for after work drinks (well, hopefully!).

The top has faux leather features around the neckline and the pockets. I love this mixture of fabrics and it is a nod to the punk trend which is going to be big during autumn. For the office this would look great with a pencil skirt or tapered trousers and for night time, this would look fab teamed with some black disco pants.

I’ve seen a few pieces with this mix of faux leather and fabric including pencil skirts and a tweed jacket with faux leather arms. So I may just be adding to my autumn capsule wardrobe.

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