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The world is a far bigger place than you realise. There is just so much going on in this world that we don’t know about. If you watch the news you might feel like you’re slightly more in tune than the average Joe, but even that isn’t enough to show you what’s truly going on in the world. The media lets you see what they want you to see, and that’s usually the troubles of the world, rather than anything good. To truly get an understanding of how the world works, you need to dive into travel. And not just travelling to a country to go and sit around the pool all day (although this is sometimes needed too!). You need to be travelling to different parts of the world and immersing yourself in the culture, history, and the vibe that they bring. Once you start broadening your travel horizons, you’ll find a love for travel that you didn’t realise you had before. So, here are some of the cultures you should be immersing yourself into…



Asia is one of the best parts of the world to visit. It’s so vast and so diverse in terms of its culture that you will find yourself having a different experience every time. The two locations in Asia that are most popular to visit are Thailand and Bali. Both are a bit of a jaunt to get to, but the experience you’ll be able to have whilst you’re there is incredible. Some people say that Thailand is better than Bali, and some think it to be the other way around. Both are full of so much culture and tradition that it’s impossible to go there and avoid it. Because of how religion orientated they are, the culture gravitates around that. You’ll often find yourself at peace when you are in either one of these. Both offer similar in terms of experiences. Thailand is more famous for its wildlife sanctuaries, whilst Bali is famous for its chilled out vibe and the incredible locals. Both are drenched in colours, temples, and street parties that leave people wanting to go back for more. They’re both known for how cheap it is to eat and drink there, which is why backpackers love it so much. There is the perfect balance of cheap food and drink, an incredible vibe, and rich culture that you can begin to understand. You have to respect the traditions that run deep within this country, especially those based around religion. They have ceremonies for everything, certain dress codes in certain areas, and many more things that you need to consider when you’re there.

South Africa

South Africa is truly a stunning part of the world to visit. It’s full of wildlife, and more culture than you’ll ever be able to find in the UK. It’s renowned for its safaris, and they don’t disappoint. Safaris are so much fun, and it really feels like a once in a lifetime opportunity to get up close to wild animals in their natural habitat. Cape Town is one of the most popular places in South Africa to visit. It’s on the coast which means you will have the perfect blend of the culture South Africa has to provide, and the relaxation of the beaches. One of the other really popular places to visit is the Kruger National Park. it’s one of the places that you can go to do a wildlife tour, where you’ll have an incredible time. You can pay to actually stay in the park which is incredible, but you will need a lot of money. It is more expensive to visit than the previous two options, but you’ll have the best experience.

South America

To another south now, and a very good one at that. Parts of South America such as Brazil have become far more popular to travel around in the last few years. They’re excellent if you’re looking for an upbeat vibe where the culture is based around fun. Brazil, in particular, holds a lot of festivals and dance events that see people from all over the world travelling to them. With big crowds there is potentially a risk of pickpocketers, so make sure that you have your wits about you. To immerse yourself in the culture here, hit the markets and try some street food as well as soaking up the atmosphere that surrounds you.

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  1. Kim says:

    Exploring new cultures is definitely one of the best things about travelling and discovering new places!

  1. March 2, 2020

    […] Ask anybody who has been, and they’ll say that one of the best bits about travelling is the incredible people you’ll meet along the way as you explore the world and immerse yourself in different cultures. […]

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