How travel bloggers have grown in 2020

Growth of travel bloggers

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Back in March, travel bloggers across the world watched in disbelief as countries gradually closed their borders off to travellers and overseas travel became more and more difficult.

At first, the situation seemed pretty dire, especially as not only was overseas travel off the cards, but also our own countries were entering lockdown, with our movements restricted. After all, how can you be a travel blogger if you can’t travel?

However, lots of travel bloggers have actually experienced growth during this time with more followers and better engagement than ever before.

Growing our communities

The almost worldwide message during this pandemic has been that we’re all in this together and that has seen our communities grow. We’ve dreamed of travel together, planned out next trips together and cheered each other up.

The key to success for any influencer is to have an engaged community of followers and the situation over the last year has really helped to bring people together.

Pivoting content

The travel bloggers that have done the best over the last year are the ones that have managed to pivot their content. Instead of posting the same travel photos, influencers have explored closer to home taking up new hobbies in the outdoors.

Local influencers have seen particular growth recently with promotion of areas to explore close to them and promoting local businesses who have been doing takeaways during lockdown.

Instagram launched a new feature and if there was ever a time for this, it’s now. Following hot on the heels on the success of TikTok during lockdown, Reels (for now at least) don’t seem to have the reach algorithm issues that posting on your feed has and lots of travel bloggers have seen amazing results through this.

And it’s not only our content that has pivoted. Tourist boards have launched virtual travel experiences and even virtual press trips, so we have been able to see different parts of the world without leaving home.

Since the pandemic started, I have been on virtual press trips to Slovenia, Czech Republic and The Hague and I’ve got one to South Korea this month!

Extra time to work on things

Less actual travelling means more time to work on everything that goes alongside it. I’ve spent a lot of time this year working on the SEO of my site, getting videos edited that I’d almost forgotten about and planning out social media content.

All of these things can really help growth.

And if you are lucky enough to be able to travel at the moment then that’s even better. You’re one of only a few people doing so at the moment and people still need that escapism in their lives.

You can also be one of the first to find out what travelling is like under the “new normal”, becoming an early adopter of post-pandemic travel which is a subject that everyone wants to read about.

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