How to work while travelling the world

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Becoming a digital nomad has become more and more popular in recent years. And why wouldn’t it be? The freedom to work anywhere in the world while discovering new and amazing places would be amazing. You could be in Bali one week and Dubai the next.

Lots of countries are also encouraging people to come and work from there. Barbados, Estonia and Georgia have all recently launched new work programmes, hoping that people will come and an extended amount of time in their country.

Working on the white sands of Barbados while sipping on an ice cold rum cocktail? Or starting your working day with some yoga on the beach in Thailand. Or surfing on your lunch break. Yes please!

I started my own digital marketing agency five months ago and I’m already really enjoying the lifestyle switch.

I feel less stressed and I have a much better work-life balance. I love being able to go wherever I want at any time as I can just work from there if I need to. I don’t need to take any annual leave or time off in lieu, I can just work the hours that I need to, from wherever I am.

How to get started

If you don’t already have your own business, you might be wondering what you can do and how you can earn money without having a full time job.

Become an independent travel agent! Whenever anyone books through a travel agent online or face to face, they pay a commission on that booking, so why shouldn’t you get that commission?

If you love travelling you can earn commission on holidays that you book for yourself and travel that you book for other people. You can also get amazing insider deals and massive discounts which makes your travel even cheaper. So you’re earning AND saving at the same time!

As you build your business, you’ll be able to earn an income while you sleep thanks to a simple system.

So in simple terms, you can travel more, earn more and achieve financial freedom as you’ll be your own boss.

Download the 3 powerful ways you can travel and generate wealth free cheat sheet here. This will show you how you can travel more and earn more in three simple steps.

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Start your journey to financial freedom today

If you’d like to work whenever and however you want and be your own boss while being able to travel full time, just click on the link below.


So where will you go to next?!

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