How to rent your property out while you’re travelling

Apartment rentals

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There are lots of ways to make an income while you’re travelling full time (some ideas for freelancing can be found here). One thing that you might not have thought of is renting our your property whilst you’re away. If your house or apartment is going to be empty anyway you might as well make some income from letting someone else stay there, especially if you live in a desirable tourist location, like London. Here’s how to rent out your property while you’re travelling.

Why should you rent out your home?

There are lots of reasons for you to rent out your home, not least of which is the extra income that you can make without too much work. Also, the Airbnb model of renting out houses and apartments, rather than staying in hotels, is really popular at the moment – I prefer staying in properties like this as it’s like staying in a home away from home.

But how exactly can you get started?

How to manage renting your property out

One of the main worries when first considering renting your home out for short term lets is that it’s a lot of work which you might not have time for, especially if you’ve got a lot of guests with a short turnaround time between each one.

If you’re travelling full time you also won’t be around to sort out any issues or even do the cleaning in between guests.

GuestReady is an award winning Airbnb management service which takes care of all the work for you, making it super easy for you to rent out your home, even while you’re travelling abroad.

GuestReady takes cares of pretty much everything for you from creating and optimising your listing on Airbnb, one of the most popular websites for short lets, to liaising with guests and even the cleaning and maintenance of your property, meaning that you will have time to concentrate on more important things – like seeing the world!

They have hosted over 85,000 guests so far as well as helping 320 hosts reach super host status on Airbnb. GuestReady operate in 14 cities across the world from London, Edinburgh and Manchester in the UK to Hong Kong, Dubai and Cannes in the South of France – where I’m (hopefully) visiting this May!

If you’re looking to rent your property out then GuestReady is an excellent solution to save you time and give you that extra income to make sure that you can continue your travels.

If you’ve got any other tips for how to rent out your property while you’re travelling, let me know in the comments.

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