How to prepare for your summer holiday

Preparing for your summer holiday

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Your summer holiday is one of the most exciting times of the year – I often spend months and months prepping for mine! You may have saved up for months and months ahead of your departure and so you want your summer holiday to be perfect and carefree. Your biggest worry should be which restaurant to eat in at night time. Here are my top tips for preparing for your summer holiday…

Getting yourself looking summer holiday ready

I put a lot of time and effort into my holiday appearance, after all – I want to look good in my insta pics! I start as soon as I book my holiday by taking a hair, skin and nails vitamin every day leading up to it. I also cut down on my carbs (well, when I can!) and do some HIIT workouts from The Body Coach’s YouTube channel to get in shape. The week before my trip, I’ll book in all my beauty appointments – hair cut and highlights, filler lashes, HD brows, Shellac for my nails and toes. Most importantly I get rid of unwanted hairs using Laser taking help from this guide.

Planning your itinerary

The most exciting part of preparing for a holiday is planning your itinerary! I create Pinterest boards for the destinations that I’m visiting and pin any articles that I find about where I’m going and then a couple of weeks before I travel I’ll start reading them all and planning a proper itinerary in my travel notebook – old school style! If it’s a big trip, I find it helpful to blog my itinerary to keep all my thoughts in one place.

The practical stuff

A couple of weeks before you travel, you’ll need to start sorting out all the practical stuff – how are you getting from the airport to your hotel?, your travel money, your travel insurance, booking any trips or meals that you want to have while you’re there, car parking at the airport, etc, etc. For travel money, I usually look on MoneySupermarket for the best exchange rate. I also have a Halifax Clarity credit card which is the best credit card to travel with as you get the same exchange rates as the bank. I change a bit of my money into the local currency and then use my credit card to pay for hotels and meals.

Don’t underestimate the importance of travel insurance. If you need to cancel your holiday for reasons beyond your control, you may be able to get your money back, plus, if you fall ill or need to go to hospital during you trip, it won’t cost you a fortune. Take out a global travel insurance policy to ensure that you’re covered for all eventualities. Because I go on quite a lot of trips, I find that it works out more cost effective to get an annual policy.


I start packing (or preparing to pack!) a couple of weeks before the holiday and add stuff as I go along. Ensure that you don’t wear anything that you want to take with you, so that you’re not doing any last minute washing, and start putting things in the case as soon as you can. This will mean that there’s less chance of forgetting anything.

What are your top tips for preparing for a summer holiday? Let me know in the comments!

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