How to plan real American bachelorette parties

Bachelorette party

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My best friend recently got engaged and she is planning to get married in Las Vegas which is super exciting. I’ve been looking into how to plan the perfect bachelorette (as they say in America!) party for her.

The bachelorette party: the most awaited event for any future bride when she spends her last night as a single lady with her best friends. Organising the perfect party is not complicated, but it’s important to keep in mind some of the essential things if you want everything to be perfect, and for the bride to have a blast.

In most cases bachelorette parties are organised by bridesmaids but, in some cases, future brides plan for themselves because each has a specific style and vision. Some ladies want to dance and have fun in town, while others prefer something more peaceful and relaxing.

The location of the party

The place where you make a reservation is perhaps the most crucial aspect of a successful party. The music has to please everyone to make sure that everyone gets themselves up on the dance floor.

Who to invite

The list of guests can be give the person organising the party a bit of a headache. Is it convenient to ask a bride’s co-worker to come, or is it better to keep a close eye on a few close friends? How many people should be invited for the evening to be a successful one? Do you have to invite the bride’s relatives? These questions can put you in a dilemma, but solving it is simple.

Planning for such a party and making the list of guests is usually done by the bridesmaids, but it is not necessarily a rule. The bride can appoint anyone who wants to organise it – the best friend or perhaps herself if she has time to devote to this activity.

The most important rule is that the bride’s wishes are respected and that the party matches her personality, whether it is a surprise or not. The easiest way to communicate with all party invitees is a group on WhatsApp or Facebook, so everyone will be up to date with the plans and be able to come up with suggestions.

Organise an evening with your close friends and plan a night of fun and dancing in a club and take older relatives for a relaxing day at a spa. To make things interesting, order a bachelorette party stripper that will make the event more exciting.

Going to a strip club or hire strippers?

If you’re looking for strippers for the bachelorette party there are really two choices: go to a club or contract a private performer. There are advantages and disadvantages to each, and it just comes down to which you’d prefer. Does your party prefer going out to clubs? Strip clubs are the ideal course for you.

While strip clubs can be more straightforward to drop by, as long as you know what you’re looking for, booking a performer is genuinely simple as well, especially in cities. Ask for recommendations as well as search online.

When to party

The very best time for a hen do is a Saturday night, at least one week before the wedding. Friday night is also good but some guests, including the future bride, may be tired after a week of work and the gang might call it a day too early. Saturday is ideal because you will be all relaxed and you will have the Sunday to rest and even go out to brunch together. Under no circumstances should the bachelorette party be organised for the evening before the wedding. If it is a surprise, the bride will have no way to refuse it and the next day you will be responsible for her headache, hangover and tiredness caused by a sleepless night.

Who’s paying for the party

The party is usually a surprise organised by the bridesmaids, so they are responsible for paying the end-of-night tab. It is best to set from the beginning how you split the money or to estimate how much the evening will cost and form the budget.

It is essential that everyone knows what everything will cost and that decisions are made between the group, rather than by one person.

Also, on the evening of the party, it is customary for the bride’s girlfriends to give her a gift, something symbolic to remember that event. The gifts can be bought together or separately, depending on the budget available, but also depending on what you think the bride would like.

Avoid clichés or uncomfortable situations

Your party is definitely not an opportunity for the bride to hook up with someone for the last time before she gets married. Ditch the t-shirts with slogans on them and the rude-shaped accessories. If you choose an original theme for the party, you will be able to have a memorable evening that you’ll always look back on and laugh about.

If you take these tips into account, organising the party will be great and you will have a fun night to remember for the rest of your life and you’ll be able to give the bride the best pre-wedding party ever.

Expectations and limits

Although this part isn’t your responsibility as the party planner but you must make sure that you take account of any limits that the couple have set between themselves. They might not want each other to visit strip clubs or have strippers. Don’t plan any surprises that wouldn’t be welcomed but the bride. Read more about setting limits here.

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