How to make sure your car is ready for a winter holiday

Winter road trip

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Winter is a great time to see more of the UK – the cold, crisp days are perfect for exploring outside in the countryside and there are plenty of Christmas markets in the cities. Unfortunately, the weather can sometimes put paid to the best laid plans and so, if you’re planning a road trip this winter, you need to make sure that your car is ready for your winter holiday.

Here’s how to get your car ready for winter…

Make sure your tyres are maintained

Probably one of the most important things when it comes to car maintenance is looking after your tyres. In winter, this is especially important because you may find yourself driving on icy or wet roads. Make sure that your tread is deeper than the minimum depth and that you top up your tyre pressure before you set off. If your tyre tread is less that the minimum legal depth then you must ensure that you get new tyres. For a wide range of good quality, long lasting tyres in Northamtpon visit Calmac Tyres Autocentre branch today or book your tyres online now.

Driving with tyres which aren’t up to scratch can be very unsafe and, if you’re not careful, even lead to car accidents.

Wheel alignment

Getting your wheels aligned, or tracked, adjusts the wheels to ensure that they match the manufacturer’s specifications. Not only will this ensure that your vehicle drives straight and true, but it will also reduce wear on your tyres, helping them to last longer. Again, not paying attention to your wheel alignment could cause longer lasting damage to your car.

Get your car serviced

It’s essential to get your car serviced in order to keep it running smoothly. A service will check your exhaust, battery and oil and will prevent your car from breaking down – you definitely don’t want to be stood at the side of the motorway in the UK winter.

Air conditioning

There’s a common misconception that air conditioning just refers to keeping your car cool, but it’s actually also used for heating. It’s important that you get this checked before setting off, not just to keep you warm on your travels, but also to keep the windscreen from steaming up and hindering your visibility.

Enjoy your winter travels!


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