How to stay fit when you’re on the road

Stay fit while travelling
For me, it’s definitely a challenge to stay fit while I’m travelling…or ok, any time at all(!) – but especially on the road. When you have caught the travelling bug, which I certainly did after looking at some Finnair Holidays, it can be quite the challenge to think about exercise! There’s limited time, you haven’t got your gym on the doorstep and there’s usually plenty of delicious food. Here are some tips for keeping fit while you’re not at home…

DW Sports

Exploring the local area

Walking is a super easy and low impact way to keep your fitness levels up while you’re travelling. Yes, you might not burn calories at the same rate as other exercises but it’s usually pretty enjoyable too. Walking can also translate easily no matter what type of holiday you’re on. If it’s a city break, you’ll smash this without even trying. When we visited Rome we managed to walk around 20,000 steps per day just by sightseeing.

If you’re at the beach, set your alarm an hour or so before you’d usually get up and take a morning stroll along the beach before breakfast. The morning is my favourite time of day at the beach as it’s usually quiet and you can get some great Instagram pictures.

It’s more difficult to get out and about if you’re on a work trip but try and find some spare time to take yourself off for a walk to explore the local area.

Running clothes

Running running running running

If you’re keen to ramp it up a notch, or you have less time to spare, then running could be a good option. Early mornings or evenings will be cooler if you’re somewhere warm and you can burn considerably more calories in a shorter time compared to walking. Just make sure you make time for a shower afterwards!


Working out in your hotel room

This is probably one that’s best if you’re travelling alone and you have quite a bit of spare room in your hotel! It also usually relies on good Wi-Fi or 4G signal as you’ll find a whole host of great workouts on the internet and on YouTube. My faves are FlexTV, a monthly subscription service or Yoga with Adriene on YouTube. This also means that you don’t have to pack extra work out clothes – you can just do it in your undies! My friend who regularly uses Corporate Housing Associates ( for their international housing discovery tells me that she gets to enjoy a fitness centre with the majority of the locations she ends up in! Lucky her!


Ok, so this one only applies if you’re holidaying near water or if you have access to a swimming pool with your accommodation. I adore open water swimming in the sea so if you’re in a hot country try this for half an hour or so before meals. There are also some great lakes and other venues in the UK which are perfect for open water swimming – try Ullswater in the Lake District or the Sovereign Centre in Eastbourne. If you’re lucky enough to be staying somewhere with a pool try doing lengths. Swimming is a great all over body workout and just so happens to be my favourite form of exercise.

Work out clothes

Outfit details

Top: Adidas* – thanks to DW Sports for providing this. I love the colour and it’ll keep me warm running on cold days. There are also little holes for your thumbs so that the sleeves don’t ride up.
Leggings: H&M
Trainers: Nike, GO Outdoors

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    […] a huge fan of walking and hiking on holiday as it’s a really good way to keep fit when you’re away from home. Plus, you’ll get to explore and get to know an area better AND get some stunning pictures […]

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