House to home: living room update

As you’ll probably know (as I’ve mentioned it quite a few times – I’m just excited, ok?!), my boyfriend moved in with me last August and since then we’ve been turning my single-girl apartment into a cosy couple home for the two of us. One of our favourite things to do is procrastinate which is why it’s taken us so long so far and we’d much prefer to eat snacks and watch TV than do anything in the house!

However, so far we have managed to do the wallpaper and my boyfriend has moved in his hi-fi equipment and several guitars (ahem). Next up on our list was to sort out the lighting. I had been holding on to a few ideas about the kinds of lighting I wanted to install for some time and so I was keen to get started. Also, luckily for me, my boyfriend is an ex-electrician (he’s now a super-cool hipster who owns his own record shop, in case you’re interested!) and so knows all about lights! Lighting is such a big statement in any home so we were really keen to get it right. I even looked on sites like Pinterest and ones similar to for some inspiration for the lighting in our house. You want to be able to create the right atmosphere in any room you’re in.

Living room

Here’s a before pic – complete with step ladder!

Our house was built with two lights in the living room which was quite weird as they were kind of close together, which didn’t help to make the room any lighter than just having one light. There was also only one switch which powered both of them. We decided to merge them into one and replace our existing fixtures with industrial pendant lighting. The industrial look is HUGE in interiors right now – think bare concrete, rope lights and wrought iron – and so I thought it would be great to incorporate this into our home and give it a bit of a trendy update. One of our friends has a gorgeous concrete wall in her living room, and it looks so effective. There are so many living room ideas that incorporate the industrial trend, and a concrete wall is just one way to embrace this current style. If you have a concrete wall in your home, you can even improve its appearance by using a concrete sealer.

Living room

Here is an after pic – ignore the poly filler!

The colours throughout the apartment are cream and gold (mainly cream as I am super minimalist!) so this light fits in perfectly with our colour scheme. There are three bulbs in the light as well, so this really add extra light to the room, something we have struggled with previously. I think it gives the room a more highly styled, fashionable look which I absolutely love.

*Thank you very much to Litecraft who kindly provided us with the Brooklyn Industrial Ceiling Pendant Bar for this review.

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  1. The Home Expert says:

    What a beautiful place! It’s simple but cozy and quite elegant. You did really great job. I wish you two all the best 🙂

  1. April 15, 2017

    […] was originally built four years ago and it’s really been last on our list to sort after the living room, bedroom and dressing room (post coming soon on what we’re planning to do in there!). So, […]

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