Hot new trend: everything you need to know about sports luxe

From posh joggers to couture trainers, luxe sportswear – aka athleisure – is one of the biggest fashion trend around this season.

Sports luxe has taken the fashion world by surprise, quietly creeping up on us until now it’s everywhere. If you’re not sure what it is – it’s essentially in the rise of tracky bottoms over the once-abundant skinny jeans, as the look you’re most likely to see on the high street.

The sports luxe style is becoming increasingly popular, but not many people are able to adjust their styles accordingly. On the face of it, this trend towards cosy sportswear as daywear sounds perfect – who doesn’t want to wear jogging bottoms all day, right? But it’s a little more complicated than that. There is a thin line between pulling off sports luxe and looking like you really couldn’t be bothered to get dressed in the morning. If you love sportswear because you love sports, you should try your hand at sports betting at 토토사이트

It is a difficult concept to grasp as it is effectively marrying both sports, or casual wear, with luxury items. Designers have now grabbed the opportunity and included them into many of their spring, summer fashion releases, tailoring the casual wear with more technical suited fabrics. Casualwear is no longer associated with youths and lounging around your home. Here are some tips to master your sports luxe outfits…

Sports luxe

Sweatpants? Yes, sweatpants

Tailored sweatpants are the foundation of the sports luxe trend. I understand that this look can seem ridiculous on paper, however top designers have added technical, luxury fabrics to sweatpants to move them away from slobby to classy. They now look neater, smarter and are suitable for all day wear.


To make your sports luxe outfit work you’ll need to find some footwear that can be subtly added to. Whether you decide to add all black, or all white trainers, your sports luxe outfit will depend on it. Trainers are the obvious choice, with high end designers like Gucci and Chanel recently bringing out couture trainers. The finishing touches are important, as it can ultimately decide whether your outfit favours the sports side, or the luxury side. Android Homme and New Balance both have perfect examples of neutral, classic sports luxe designs.

Sports jacket

Mix it up

Just because you’re going for the Sports Luxe trend, doesn’t mean you have to go the whole hog. Mix it up with casual trousers and trainers, and a smart mac. Make sports luxe work for you! If you’re a bit nervous about it, keep the colours neutral and simple.

The sports jacket or blazer?

To help add some more luxury into the sports luxe outfit we have introduced a sports jacket, or blazer. Many people will screw their faces at such a combination, however, the blazer was once called a sports jacket. Some blazers offer a balance, which isn’t too smart, or too casual, rather an in-between especially for sports luxe styles. They tend to include small detailing, adding flair and brings a lot of luxury into your outfit choice. If sports jackets aren’t for you, designers have also tailored hoodies and jackets to help adjust your sports luxe outfit. Brands like Gant and Topman are known to have tailored all of their blazers into the new sports luxe styling.

So if you want comfort all day long without looking hobo-chic, sports luxe really is the answer to all your prayers. Get yourself some quality sample items, some couture trainers, and keep in neutral and you’ll be onto a winner!

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