Hip Hop Brunch at Pump + Grind

Gin and juice hip hop brunch
My Instagram followers will know by now that there’s nothing I love more on a Saturday than going to a bottomless brunch with my friends and this weekend we tried out the Hip Hop Brunch at Pump + Grind in Chesterfield.

Pump + Grind is an independent coffee shop and bar in the centre of Chesterfield which offers delicious coffee, craft beers and cocktails alongside a breakfast, brunch and evening meals menu inspired by New York’s hottest hangouts.

They offer their Hip Hop Brunch on special occasions with unlimited gin and juice for ยฃ15pp for two hours. There’s also a DJ spinning the tunes from 11am and a limited edition menu where all the options are named with hip hop puns like NY state of mind (pastrami and pickle bagel) and sublic enemy (meatball sub). Who doesn’t love a pun, right?

King prawn sub hip hop brunch
I opted for Boy Better Po – tempura king prawns, shredded lettuce and lemon and paprika mayo on a sub. This was served with frickles – deep fried pickles – which were delicious. In fact, I thought about the sharpness of them this morning and it literally made my mouth water.

There’s a really cool atmosphere for the brunch – obviously the tunes were on the go and the place was full of people enjoying brunch, plus the staff are really nice and attentive.

Now, I’ve been to a few bottomless brunches and they all work slightly differently with regards to top ups. You either have to ring a bell to get topped up, they might leave a bottle with you, or you have to get up and go to the bar yourself to get refills. There was none of that here – the staff were ready to replace your drinks as soon as you’d finished your last sip which I was really grateful for! We managed about seven gin and juices which I was pretty proud of (well until the morning after, of course).

Can’t wait for the next Hip Hop Brunch! Find out more about Pump + Grind here.

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