High heels: the ultimate guide to using your footwear to empower yourself

High heels

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If you are looking to empower yourself and feel more confident in your outfit and presentation, consider high heels. Whatever gender you are, high heels are a great way to feel fantastic. Here are some of the reasons why everyone should include a high heel in their wardrobe for empowerment.


Many of us associate height with feelings of power. We value height in many different ways. The right pair of heels is the perfect way to boost your height a little and make you feel more empowered this way.

Even if you are already tall, high heels can still be a great choice for you. You may wish to push your height as high as you can, or you may just prefer them as a shoe. No matter what, it is very easy to get your hands on a great pair of heels that will make you feel taller.



Due to the way we stand when we are wearing heels, you will find that your posture improves while wearing them. They encourage us to stand tall, put our shoulders back, and open our chests. You need to make sure that you are obeying this so you do not put too much strain on your back.

Wearing heels may be a little uncomfortable at the beginning but you will soon notice how much your posture improves. This is also a great way to make yourself a little taller if this is something you want to achieve with your heels. By standing tall, you will automatically look taller than you may be, in addition to the added height you get from your shoes.


There are so many types of heels out there that you can really use them to express your style in weird and wonderful ways. First up comes the style of the heels themselves. You could opt for something sleek like a stiletto or a high-heeled boot, or you could choose something more comfortable like a wedge.

You then have all the different colours to choose from. Many people like to keep their heels either black or nude so they go with with every outfit. However, you can throw together some amazing looks depending on the shoes you pick. For example, floral-patterned heels might be a cute addition to a casual look for brunch with your best friends.

Red soles


Heels hurt your feet, there is no getting away from it. Even if you wear nothing but heels, you cannot deny that your feet will ache somewhat when you remove your shoes at the end of the day. However, there is still something empowering about it.

Heels are often touted as one of the most difficult things to wear. Take some pride in the fact that you wear them with ease and regularity. There are not many people who can do that. Though it is just one small area of our lives, it is definitely something worth drawing empowerment from.

Feel empowered today

The right pair of heels truly make us feel like we are ready to take on the world. No matter what, you can find the perfect pair of heels for any occasion. Whether you have a special event coming up or you would rather just throw on a pair every day for your job or to meet friends, take pride in the fact that you can wear heels with such ease. They are one of the most empowering pieces of footwear out there and we should always be happy to show off a fantastic pair of heels.

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