Hey, I’ll Put My New Shoes On

For my homecoming, I decided to treat myself. After all, I need something to cheer me up and take my mind off being cold, skint and bored.

Yes, I am supposed to be saving up but a new pair of heels are essential for winter, especially ones as practical as these. At the bargain (ahem) price of sixty eight of my fine English pounds (plus £4 for delivery!) these black suede Mary Janes with a 5.5 inch heel were waiting for my arrival courtesy of my fave, Topshop, for when I got through my door. And they were essential as all the heels I brought to Mallorca with me were completely ruined from overwear and walking on sticky bar floors. I decided to sacrifice them to come in under my weight allowance. However, I was still 5kg over and ended up forking out 60 euros (which would have almost have paid for the shoes!). I absolutely love getting new shoes. Just the other day I found myself looking at some cool rave shoes for my next party holiday! Who knows, I might have to treat myself…
Now, because these shoes were new, as you can imagine they needed breaking in. I tried to wear them round the house although I was in a little discomfort. Thankfully, I had the best shoe trees at my disposal, stretching out the shoe and making them wearable! The only downside is, having not even worn my brand new shoes more than twice, I am already eyeing up my next pair. I believe a little bit of leopard print goes a long way and not last year but the year before I invested in the Topshop Ashish leopard wedges that Fern Cotton had been pictured in and this year I find myself ready for an update. Say hello to my new lust haves, in the style of 2009’s Topshop Aggie boots but with a metallic gold heel and leopard print platform. Will I be able to wait a month before I crack out my Topshop store card again?

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