Herd Steakhouse, Matlock review

Herd steak
This weekend we finally got to try out the hotly anticipated new restaurant in Matlock, Herd Steakhouse. A group of us went for dinner before going to see one of my friends singing with her band. I’d heard mainly good things before our visit and steak is one of my favourite foods so I was really excited to go.

The restaurant

There is a bar downstairs if you’re just coming in for drinks and then restaurant seating is upstairs. It’s quite small and it was really busy when we went but there was a good atmosphere. It’s done out really nicely inside – all industrial with exposed wood and copper lighting, you know the drill. There are also floor to ceiling windows where you can get a great view over the river Derwent. There were six of us and we were seated in a booth which I thought was really nice as sometimes, when you’re sitting on a round table, it’s difficult to talk to everyone.

Herd table

The food

The food was really good. If you’re going for steak (and I recommend that you do) then you pick your cut and two sides. You can add more sides and a sauce for extra. I went for the fillet steak (which was only £2 more than the sirloin) with sweet potato fries and herdslaw. The prices are pretty average – around £20 for a fillet which you’ll find is the same at most places.

I asked for my steak rare and it was super rare (pretty much blue) which I love. It was seasoned really nicely as well and the sweet potato fries were amazing – just the right level of crispy! My boyf tried the macaroni cheese which was also really yummy.

The only thing that we didn’t like about the food was that we asked for mayonnaise and when it arrived it had gone a little funny – you know, all yellow and see through? – so we didn’t touch this.

Herd Steakhouse

The service

As always, I’ve got a bit to say on service! I think this has become increasingly important to me and my standards are getting ever higher with everywhere I go. The service on the whole was good and the staff were pretty friendly. There were just a couple of things that let them down a bit. Number one, they forgot one of my friend’s drink and then it was quite a while before they brought it up and number 2, we ordered a bottle of wine and they didn’t pour it for us – just left it in a wine cooling bucket on the side of the table with two glasses.

We had a really enjoyable meal and I’d definitely visit again – I’d love to try out Herd Steakhouse in the day time to see what the vibe is like and if it’s any different from dinner time – a welcome addition to Matlock’s food and drink scene.

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  1. August 9, 2019

    […] been to Herd in Matlock quite a few times recently and I’ve tried the rump steak, the sirloin steak and the fillet […]

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