Heels, Always

Wedges, £15, Tesco

I needed some new shoes for work and as I don’t have much time for proper shopping (mostly due to work!) I decided to try and find some beauts in Tesco. Yes, I know, a supermarket is not the most glamorous or fashionable place. If I didn’t leave it so last minute, I could have checked out something like Ecco women’s shoes online and probably found a few pairs that I could buy. But at least I know for next time.

But I am the first to admit that no matter where you go, you can usually find a hidden gem.

So I found these cute little wedges for a bargain price of £15. A wedge is perfect for both summer and work. Summer because…well they are really summery. I buy new wedges pretty much every year and for summer they have to have either this rope type of wedge or wooden or cork.

I always wear heels for work and these are just the perfect height. I don’t want to go flat as I just feel that heels look a bit smarter and they make you hold your self in a more professional way (plus I’m tiny so I need all the height advantage I can get), but at the same time, I don’t want the heels to be too high – there’s nothing worse than tottering around on skyscraper heels when you’re feet are tired and my office is upstairs! So a little heel (or wedge in this case) is great.

I think the peep toe is really cute, although this has meant multiple top ups of my purple glittery OPI nail varnish for my toes. I’ve been wearing them pretty much every day and they are literally probably the comfiest shoes I’ve ever had the pleasure of wearing. At first, the slingback kept falling down which was quite frustrating, especially when my shoe came off in Sainsbury’s on a sandwich run, but after a few days, they settled right down and now they couldn’t be any easier to walk in. So the moral of this story is – Tesco isn’t just for Ben & Jerry’s!

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