A guide to looking gorgeous when you slip between the sheets*

We all want to look gorgeous during the day, right? But how many of us think about looking our best when we go to bed? I know, bedtime is the one time you don’t have to worry. Even so, looking your best at all times will make you feel your best too. It might be that you’ve just gotten into a new relationship and aren’t ready to let things slip, and you’re still wanting to impress them like you’re both starring on a site such as hdpornvideo.xxx. Or maybe you want to look your best for yourself! Whatever your reasons, we’ve got you covered with a guide where you can discover more about feeling gorgeous at bedtime.

Have a bath
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Have a bath

No one wants to get into bed covered in the grime of the day. Get into the habit of taking a bath each night. As well as relaxing you, your bath will make sure you’re feeling fresh and clean. It’s amazing what a difference this can make to your mindset. Stock up on luxury bathroom bits, so that you can get into bed each night smelling amazing. This will also make your sheets smell great, which will keep your room fresh, too!

Perfect your skincare routine

We may be focusing on looking gorgeous at bedtime, but there’s no excuse for not taking your make-up off. Ensure you look your best without it by getting a skincare routine that works! Stock up on moisturisers and face masks. It may take you a while to find products that work, but don’t stop the search! Your skincare routine is something you’ll come to rely on. It’ll ensure your skin is glowing and gorgeous when you slip between the sheets! It’ll also ensure your skin is in the best condition come the morning.

skincare routine
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Treat yourself to lingerie

Whether you have a man to impress or not, beautiful lingerie is a luxury no woman should be without (whether they’re a london escort or any other woman out there). Do you worry about answering the door in your current pyjama selection? Or do you want to send your man wild? Then don’t hesitate to stock up! Take a look at brands like Lise Charmel and buy a few pieces. That way, you won’t have to go without when one’s in the wash! Once you’ve gone over to the side of luxury, you won’t want to go back.

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Of course, it’s not just the lingerie itself that you can treat yourself with. Stock up on sleep accessories to complete your bedtime routine. There are so many accessories to consider. It’s hard to feel gorgeous when you’re getting into old sheets. They’re the first thing you should change. Treat yourself to a new duvet cover while you’re at it! Think, too, about getting a new pair of slippers. You could match these to your new lingerie selection. You won’t look so sexy if you’re still wearing a set of bunny slippers, after all! Think, too, about treating yourself to an eye mask. This will keep you looking fantastic, and will ensure you get the best night’s sleep possible. You won’t look your best if you don’t get enough hours in!

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