Guest post: Pastel vs. monochrome fashion trend 

A wise person once said: “Problem with opinions is that everyone has one and everyone else’s is wrong.” There is an ongoing debate about whether it’s better to follow the centuries old monochrome black-and-white trend which will apparently never become obsolete, or to express yourself and your gentle side by choosing to wear pastel. While much can be said to support both claims, we will lay down the facts and let you decide.

Little Black Dress

Whenever you are not quite sure what to wear to an event, regardless of how formal it is, a little black dress will always be a good choice. Black is neutral colour, it slims down and makes the person wearing it appear taller. What is better, it can be worn with pretty much any other colour, so you will be free to wear neon heels, extravagant statement jewellery, or flats and a string of pearls and look incredibly elegant all the same.

Little Black Dress
Whether you want to wear it to work or you are preparing for a wild party, a little black dress with the right accessories will look great on you.

Pretty in pastel

The beauty of pastel clothes lies in the fact that they are soft and yet very noticeable. You can choose one colour and dress head-to-toe in it and it will not look odd or extravagant. Apricot, baby blue, and kiwi green dresses look so delicate and feminine. Princess Polly offers a wide range of pastel dresses made of flowy materials which create a sophisticated look.
Pretty in Pastel

With dresses such as these you will not need to put on a lot of accessories or wear a lot of jewellery since the colour is eye-catching enough. Besides, you can always add a little bit of colour to your all-white outfit and it would look even better since the neutrality of white will make the pastel stand out even more.

Monochrome versatility

The best part about monochrome trend is the fact that you can wear practically anything and it will look stylish. Stripes, polka dots, floral and leafy prints – all of them look amazing when paired up with plain black or white pieces. A simple pair of black trousers and a button down shirt with crazy prints, or white mini skirt with black tee and zebra scarf will make you look like a model.
Monochrome Versatility

Besides, black and white footwear will look great paired with any colour, and a pair of plain white sneakers can easily be transformed into pretty little works of art by adding glitter.

Pastel in the office

Back in the 80s it was a custom to power dress for work, and power dressing meant wearing “serious” colours such as navy, black, white, and grey. Everything else would look unprofessional and was generally avoided. Luckily, those days are behind us and today you can wear beautiful pastel hues such as lavender, mint, and saffron to the office and no one would bat an eyelid. The key is to wear form fitting clothes that do not reveal too much, and not to go too colour crazy. Wearing salmon pink shirts and turquoise jackets is perfectly fine, as well as monochrome pastel dresses. Milky hues are also incredibly popular this season so you can always wear a nice pastel bag or a pair of sunglasses.
Pastel in the Office

The bottom line is that fashion trends will change (and so will you), and what is important is to stay true to yourself. If you like the monochrome trend and love wearing all-black or black and white, by all means do so. If you long to put on that pretty baby blue silk dress and powder pink heels, don’t hesitate to fulfill your desire. Following trends is nice, but staying true to yourself is much more rewarding.

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