How to grow your Instagram – ORGANICALLY

Wow – I literally woke up to a Twitter storm this Bank Holiday Monday! Bloggers were going crazy about other bloggers buying their followers and using apps which follow similar accounts and then unfollow them if they don’t follow back within a certain time on Instagram. Personally, I’m so focused on what I’m doing that I don’t even want to think about what other people are doing and I live by the motto “just do you”! There is no shame in using an instagram growth service in order to achieve your goals, but here are some of my tips for growing your Instagram organically.

1. Use the relevant hashtags

A pretty obvious tip but using relevant hashtags will make sure that your post appears whenever that hashtag is searched for. Hashtags are an essential part of your social media page on many different apps, including the new and upcoming TikTok. While many like to buy their followers from sites listed on Quantum Marketer for both TikTok and Instagram, using hashtags alongside this method will boost the number of fans further. A quick Google search will bring up hundreds of articles where people have written down the best hashtags to use for travel blogging, beauty blogging, fashion blogging etc. For travel blogging, my favourite article is from The Hostel Girl where she lists the best ones to use for each city.

2. Join some Instagram pods

I’m a member of about five Instagram comment pods where each member follows each other and comments on each post. Make sure your pods are relevant to your niche so that you’re actually following accounts you like and getting high quality engagement.

3. How often should you post?

There’s various guidelines and different things will work for different people but I’ve heard that you should post at least once a day and no more than four times a day in order to gain the most followers. Of course, the easiest way to gain followers is to use a service like socialfollow, but well-timed posts will also do the trick.

4. Use Instagram Stories

I love Instagram stories because I’m obsessed with sharing everything I do. I also like the fact that they don’t need to be as stylish and professional as pictures in your feed (and obviously you don’t have to have a theme with them!). Sharing pictures and videos to your story makes sure that you appear at the top of people’s newsfeeds and reminds them that you’re there, making them more likely to check your feed.

5. Instagram takeover

This is something that I’ve not done yet but I’d love to get started – especially now that I’m trying to concentrate more on my travel content. Make sure you choose accounts that match your niche and should have similar followers. As you’ll be mentioned in every post it gets you extra exposure, whether the account has more or less followers than you.

The main thing to realise is that, as with anything, having a successful Instagram channel is a lot of work and you won’t necessarily be able to grow a 10k following overnight. I’ve had my channel for over a year and I’ve only just managed to crack the 1000 mark! Having a high number of followers might not even be the measure of a successful channel – it’s all about engagement. You can use a dedicated account manager to take over your Instagram activity like those from Upleap. They can take care of growing your instagram followers, likes and engagement! What are your top tips for Instagram engagement? Let me know in the comments below.

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6 Responses

  1. This is legit every bit of advice i’d give someone about growing their instagram, there’s no point in using bots and things! I reached over 4,000 by just doing everything in this post 🙂

    • Samantha Wragg says:

      I thought the same! I’m totally not as outraged as everyone else about the bots thing because I’d rather just concentrate on my own blog and not think too much about what other people are doing but it’s best to attract REAL followers and at the end of the day, brands should want the same thing as that’s who will buy stuff!xx

  2. Paul says:

    Hi Samantha, great advice! I’m not really that active on Instagram although I have noticed a few people doing the follow and unfollowing trick – it’s really annoying actually! Another thing a friend of mine suggested trying was to collaborate with other accounts – whether that be a shoutout (sometimes paid) or use their relevant hashtag to get a feature. Like I say, I’m not really active on Instagram although I’ll give a couple of your tips a go. Thanks very much!

    • Samantha Wragg says:

      Those are some great extra tips – I’m obsessed with Instagram now so I’m really trying to grow my account and it’s working – slowly but surely!

  3. Sarah Hunt says:

    That moment of moving between an Instagram aimed at your family and friends to something that’s far more public is interesting because you have to consider who you’re Instagramming for: are you out to please the masses and potentially grow your following even faster, are you still in it for your friends or is it directed at your own self esteem and growth? I think organic growth is really important and you highlight a great point.

    • Samantha Wragg says:

      That is so true – I only have one account for both my personal and blog because I think they’re so intertwined! I keep my personal Facebook account just personal though.

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