Great spring and summer footwear choices*

Looking good requires attention to detail, and taking the time to finish off an outfit with the right footwear and accessories. Most of us love shoes. The majority of women, and many men, own far more footwear than we need.

As a result, we really notice the boots and shoes that other women are wearing. Our eyes automatically run down and take in their footwear. Therefore, if you want to look good you really do have to make the right shoe choice.

Dress options

This spring/summer dresses are set to be a popular choice for most of us. The natural instinct of most women when wearing a dress is to pair it with feminine looking footwear. Of course this is a good way to go if you are after an elegant look for a meal out in a posh restaurant or a party. However, a pair of high heels or strappy sandals is far from your only choice.

Flats to keep things casual

For a trip to the cinema, or an afternoon of shopping, pairing a slip dress with a casual style jacket and a pair of minimalist boots, or flat pumps works just as well. If it is a hot day, you could wear a pair of gladiator sandals or block heel sandals, as an alternative. There are many different styles of flat shoes available this spring. The majority of which can be made to work with a dress. There really is no need to be uncomfortable on those days where you know you are going to be on your feet a lot.

Shoes for a special occasion

Naturally, if you are attending a spring wedding or a formal party you will want to wear something a bit more classy, and elegant. Again, there are plenty of options.

Kitten heels

Kitten heels look elegant, and they are available in a huge range of styles, which makes them a particularly good choice. Plus, of course, the fact that they are relatively flat makes them ideal for a wedding or other event where you are likely to have to walk or stand a lot.

Super thin stilettos

If you are ok in high heels, then you may prefer to opt for a pair of stilettos. They are widely available, especially the thin heeled kind. They look super elegant, but you need to be aware that they do snap easily, so if you are planning to do some dancing they are probably not a wise choice.

Perfect with jeans or trousers

If you like to wear jeans or trousers you will find that leg widths are getting wider. Skinny trousers are finally giving way to straight cuts, which means that you need to think again about the style of shoes you choose.

Most flat shoes will still look good with this leg width, but it is worth mixing things up a bit and opting for a pair of kitten heels. Wearing shoes with a bit of a heel lengthens the legs, and helps you to create a slightly slimmer profile.

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