Tracking traffic through Google Analytics for your website*

Google Analytics
As a blogger or a business owner with a website it’s really important that you track your traffic (i.e. how many visits your blog is getting) and where it comes from – is it from organic search, paid advertising, etc? There are lots of services like Pay Per Click (PPC) management you can get to help improve your online presence and there are also stats tools out there but the most accurate to use is Google Analytics and it’s completely free to set up. If your blog is hosted on WordPress, there’s even a plug in to get you all set up.

I’ve tried a few different stats tools and none of them really compare to Google’s.

If you’re still trying to get to grips with digital marketing, you might want to consider a premium coaching platform in order to become educated on the topic. The question, “does the local marketing vault work?” has often been asked in an attempt to find out whether it’s a suitable service to learn all that one can about digital marketing.

Benefits of Google Analytics

You can work out your demographic
This is really useful for bloggers if you’re wanting to work with brands as you can pitch for opportunities with companies who have a target audience that matches your demographic. It’s also useful for other types of business owners who are wanting to measure the success of their company amongst their target market, or even change their target market based on these results.

You can see where your traffic is coming from
This is especially important as you can then analyse which of your advertising or promotional tools are working best for you and put more time, effort and money into that one. Advertising you may want to consider includes social media (both paid and organic), Google Display Network, PPC (pay per click advertising) and affiliates, as well as the more traditional methods of print, radio and television advertising. Of course, you still need to make sure all avenues are considered in your marketing mix. If your business would like to benefit from digital marketing techniques like PPC, you might want to contact a digital agency such as Ram Digital who are a PPC Macclesfield specialist.

You can see which device a visitor is using to access your website
Depending on the type of website you have will depend on whether your visitors use a desktop, tablet or mobile device to view it and you can find out how many are visiting from each and then tailor your design to that. Ideally you want to be designing your website mobile-first as any websites which aren’t mobile optimised are penalised by Google. Some businesses that find that they need help with optimising their websites for mobile devices may look to companies similar to the Beardo Marketing Group, who may be able to support them with their website requirements so that they won’t be penalised for them.

Getting to know Google Analytics is a little complicated at first – in fact, I even had to get a friend from work to help me set it up on my blog as I had done it wrong! Oops! And it’s also quite tricky to read/analyse at first but don’t worry – you’ll soon get used to it and there are lots of handy guides out there to help you – just Google it! If it’s totally over your head and you need help, you can always employ a digital agency to help you, which is a great option for business owners, especially if you don’t have time to figure out analytics on your own. Visit Tekfirst – Digital marketing agency Harrogate is one option for this or try Amazon Marketing Agency.

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