Give your dinner party the extra edge with these best kept secrets*

Dinner parties are quite a fun thing to do. You can either arrange one to celebrate something specific like a birthday or occasion or you could just use it as an opportunity to get some friends and family together. Whatever your reasons they can be a lot of fun. However, they can feel like an overwhelming thing to organise. So I thought I would share with you some of the best kept secrets that could give your dinner party the extra edge.


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Plan your menu

The first thing to do would be to plan your menu as best as you can. This will alert you to any allergies you need to take into consideration as well as diet choices like vegetarianism or veganism. Planning your menu also means you can think about the ingredients you use and prepare yourself in advance. You can choose to source ingredients locally or make any special trips required to get in some of the ingredients you need. Preparing in advance will allow you to enjoy the evening much more, rather than it spent in the kitchen rushing around.

Serve up something extra special

Give your dinner party the extra edge by serving up something special. This might be a special ingredient or an aperitif like caviar. It will make your dinner party that little bit different from the normal ones and gives yours the extra edge. Something like caviar is an expensive choice, and not many people have tried it. It would be nice to consider offering your guest something a little different to experience. It will certainly be a talking point.


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Match your wine to the meal

Many people think about the food they serve but leave the drinks as an afterthought. Alcohol is not a requirement for every party, but it could be worth having a selection of drinks available, especially if you’re looking to pair certain drinks with particular meals. It’ll just give your dinner party that extra something.

Matching the wine you serve, to the meats and meals your are presenting will be a great place to start. You could also consider a welcome drink and an after meal drink or coffee. Some people even consider serving up cocktails as something a little different. Whatever you decide to make you think about your drinks choices. Your guests will thank you for it.

Offer little gifts for your guests

Another thing to consider would be to offer your guests a little gift. This being something very similar to the wedding favour. A little gift placed on your guest place setting will be a lovely touch. It could be anything from a personalisedthank you card right through to something unusual. Things like magnets and little photo frames could go down well.

Decorate the room

Think about how you present the table and the room you’re serving your food in. Many people don’t do anything with the room, but it can offer quite a bit of ambience to the evening. A decorated room could set the tone for the evening. So if it’s a celebration make sure that’s evident in the decor.

I hope this helps you give your dinner party the extra edge.

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    We think a campy Justin Bieber themed party is the way to go. Make sure to get a life-size Justin cardboard cut-out and have all of your guests take a photo with it.

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