Get your skin holiday ready with this perfect skin care routine*

Summer skincare
Warmer weather has finally arrived, and summer is in sight. You are likely planning all the different fun clothing you can only wear this time of year. But, have you also been considering your skin care routine to have that skin summer ready? Well, I can help! Get your skin summer ready and show off that glow with this perfect skincare routine.

Cleanse and cleanse again

As summer arrives, so does the humidity. And let’s face it, humidity can leave your face looking and feeling greasy. So, it is important to cleanse away the oils, dirt, and impurities morning and night with a gentle facial cleanser.

Use a water-based moisturiser

During the long cold winter months, you needed to use a rich cream to ensure your skin was kept hydrated. However, now that it is warmer outside (and getting warmer), you do not need something so heavy. Now, a lightweight face lotion should be all you need. However, consider using a water-based moisturiser. Matrixyl 3000 by Timeless Skin Care contain Hyaluronic Acid is the ideal moisturiser for this time of year. To enhance the effects of the Matrixyl, consider using it with a dermaroller. The tiny punctures created from the derma roller procedure increases absorption of the serum, which allows more of the active ingredient to penetrate deep into the skin.

Take sun protection seriously

While it is important to take sun protection seriously year-round, if you have not jumped on board yet, now is the best time. The FDA (Food and Drug Administration) advises regularly using a broad-spectrum sunscreen of at least an SPF 15. Be sure to reapply this sunscreen every two hours as well. For added protection against sun damage, consider using the best Vitamin C Serum.

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