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Winter car

Winter is one of my favourite times for road tripping โ€“ there are Christmas markets to be seen in the cities and the countryside and coast is quieter at this time of year. I’m actually in the Lake District this weekend for the Where’s Mollie Global Travellers event and I can’t wait! It’s important that your car is ready for your winter adventures and making sure your MOT is up to date is one of the first things to check during your winter car prep.

We’re so reliant on our cars and it would be a total nightmare if anything were to happen where we couldn’t drive (I broke down just the other month but luckily it was close to home!).

Due to reduced visibility, it is also important to be extra vigilant when completing any risky overtaking or maneuvers. I was talking about this with one of my friends who lives in the US recently and she showed me this guide which answers the age-old question of “can you pass on the right?”.

Essentially, in most states, it is legal to pass on the right under certain conditions, but drivers are not allowed to pass on the right unless they can do so safely. Furthermore, drivers are not allowed to pass on the shoulder of the highway or off the pavement unless there is a sign that specifically permits passing in these areas.

Who knew?

So, with that trivia fresh in your mind, we can get on to my very own automobile advice. Here is how you can get your car winter ready…

Never skip an MOT

Ok, so it’s actually illegal to drive without a valid MOT certificate and if you get pulled over you could get a fine (which means less money to spend on plane tickets!). Not only that but an MOT is basically a safety check for your car which means it’s roadworthy. For example, if you have issues with your clutch, an MOT could see if you require a clutch specialist to help with your car’s repair. They’ll want to check things such as the lights, brakes, your radiator coolant and other common car service needs. If you drive without getting an MOT done you could be comprising your own safety and the safety of others if you have passengers. Online booking for MOT Hertfordshire can be done at local certified garages like DAT tyres. Some points to consider are:

  • You can encounter a fine up to 1000 pounds without a certificate
  • An MOT is different than car servicing, it simply gives a visual check of the condition of the vehicle
  • In the long run it is beneficial for your own safety because it determines the problem areas which can get worse if they are neglected

Get your winter care kit ready

Remember โ€“ winter can be cold! If you break down in winter you could be waiting a while for a recovery service so make sure you’ve got a kit of essentials including extra clothing, snacks and a torch to keep you safe and warm. It’s also useful to keep a power pack in the car to charge your phone and maybe a book, so you don’t get bored!

Get breakdown cover

If you’re going to be driving long distances, it’s really worth getting breakdown cover. If you don’t have it and you break down, you could end up paying out ยฃ100s getting your car recovered. Most insurance companies add it on for a couple of pounds a month so it’s a no brainer.

What are your top tips for winter road trips? Let me know in the comments!

And it just so happens my MOT is due in December too so this is a timely reminder!

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