Gardening Essentials for Living the American Dream

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Even if you have a postcode rather than a zipcode, you can still achieve American perfection in your garden. Say goodbye to chintzy garden gnomes and rusty swing sets, and say hello to a Stepford wife-inspired outdoor space.American Dream Garden

The key to this look is precision, as you’re aiming to give the impression of a well-to-do household that take great pride in their front and back garden. Here’s five key players to achieving the American garden dream:

White picket fence

Let’s start with the frame of your new-look garden, the fence. Traditionally made of wood and painted white (or whitewashed), the fence is a decorative way to establish the boundaries of your garden while keeping pets and children where they should be. This type of fence perfectly encapsulates the look, and the clean and fresh feel of the white posts creates a uniformity that is both pleasing the eye and to any OCD tendencies…


Keeping your garden hydrated can also act as a status symbol. Because of the heat in certain states of America, the sight of sprinkler systems is a norm, but what kind of sprinkler you have can let the world know that you mean business with your garden. Instead of a small, six inch water system that sprays back and forth in the part of your garden that looks the dryest, you could have a series of elaborate systems that work in tandem to create a water show that could rival the Bellagio fountains in Las Vegas.

Water feature

If you have the room, it’s worth splurging on an impressive water feature.You could go for shop-bought as there are plenty of beautiful designs out there, but if you’re feeling creative you could go ‘DIY’ with this focal point feature. Not sure where to start? Try getting some inspiration from gardening boards on Pinterest to set you in the right direction. A waterfall effect is always a people-pleaser and the trickling sound promotes a feeling of calm for visitors to your garden. There are several tutorial videos for simple designs on YouTube if you’re willing to get your hands dirty.

Leaf blower

When summer has passed and leaves start to fall off the trees, you need a piece of equipment that can help to tidy things up. No, not a rake but a leaf blower – another fantastic addition to the American ideal. We’ve all seen them in films and TV shows, as bronzed leaves are piled into a huge mound ready to be removed, once more showing your luscious green grass underneath. This type of leaf blower or similar air compressor isn’t as expensive as you might think and will give you the look of someone who has the changing of seasons under control.

Neatly trimmed bushes and trees

Keeping your bushes and trees neatly trimmed is essential for creating your American dream garden. If you’re feeling adventurous, you could even cut your bushes into shapes!

If you struggle with cutting the branches on the trees, you should get a professional tree surgeon to do this for you.

Ride on lawnmower

And, last but not least, we have the daddy of all gardening essentials that take your outdoor space look from zero to hero: the ride on lawnmower. This piece of gardening kit will be of no use if your garden is the size of a ride on lawnmower, but if you’ve been blessed with an acre or two to play with, this machine should be your toy of choice. Buying this mower will set you back anything from £1,000-£5,000 so would be an investment in the upkeep of your beautiful lawn. It might cost a lot but nothing can compare to the ‘king of the road’ feeling that sitting atop a ride on mower can achieve. Simply turn the engine on, take the wheel and watch as your garden is cut without a bead of sweat forming on your forehead.

The American dream has an aspirational quality that does come at a price, but if you have the means and the space to work with, you can turn a boring green space into an envy-worthy garden to entertain in. Something Uncle Sam would be proud of!

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