Foodie review: The Rum Kitchen

Image courtesy of The Rum Kitchen

Just another thing to make me jealous of people living in London – they have some amazing restaurant chains that don’t seem to find their way up north. Think Pret (although I have seen one in Manchester recently), Pizza Pilgrims and Wahaca.

And this little beauty – The Rum Kitchen – is no different. There’s only two of them so far and I visited the one in Kingly Court, a trendy indoor courtyard in Soho, and it was heaving – on a Wednesday night we ended up having to wait an hour for a table for two!

I really fell in love with the Caribbean speciality jerk chicken when I visited the Bahamas last year during my honeymoon (check out how I got on here) and so this is pretty much the perfect place for me to grab dinner. The atmosphere was really nice – the long tables with stools are split for different groups so there’s a sort of communal feel and because it was really busy, there was a happy buzz about the place. They also have some amazing rum cocktails (the clue is in the name), making it perfct for an after-work wind down dinner.

The food is pure soul food and I opted for the Jerk Chicken Rainbow Salad (well, I am on a diet!) which, along with the usual lettuce and tomato, had slices of mango and avacado in it. The best ingredient for me had to be the coconut shavings – their sweetness every couple of mouthfuls really made the salad! I was a little bit gutted that I had to miss out on the sweet potato mash, home slaw and, of course, rice and peas, but this just gives me an excuse to come back again when I’m not watching the cals!

The only downside for me was the jerk chicken which I felt was a little mild and I do like my food packed full of flavour and spice but it wouldn’t put me off visiting again.

Find out more about The Rum Kitchen here.

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2 Responses

  1. Katie Haydock says:

    This is one of the things I love about London. It is only 3 hours away on the train but it almost like another country.
    Everything is new and different to Manchester and Liverpool – even if it isn’t quiet as friendly. But who needs friends when you have rum and jerk?!

  2. You’re right – it’s crazy isn’t it! It’s only two hours away from me by train but it feels like stepping into another country all of its own. To be honest, I’ve found people quite friendly when I’ve been down 🙂 I would love to move there!xx

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