Foodie Review: Mongolian BBQ, Dublin

I was recently in Dublin for a couple of days, so we dug out a Transport guide for Dublin, and for dinner on the first night, we went to the well-known Temple Bar area to find something to eat. Literally the first place we came across was Mongolian BBQ and because it seemed like excellent value for money and a really novel experience we decided to try it.

Inside the place was pretty basic but the staff were really friendly and the place was full of people, giving it a great atmosphere.

Since we were having an early dinner, it was only 11 Euros for the all-you-can-eat buffet, rice and the drinks were really reasonable as well. Dublin is well known for being a really expensive city, so I was really pleasantly suprised with this.

And now, onto the best thing – the experience! So, the basic idea is that you fill your bowl with vegetables (pak choi, beansprouts, carrots, etc) and meat or mixed seafood and then you take your bowl to the seasoning station where you can add ginger, chilli, coriander and all sorts of other herbs and spices to your concoction.

You then take your bowl to the Mongolian barbecue (hence the name) which is like a huge circular griddle where the chef cooks your chosen food while you wait – and you can go back as many times as you like!

The food was really delicious – but that’s pretty much down to me! – but the novelty of the restaurant really made the experience for me. Plus, an all you can eat restaurant always gets a thumbs up from me!

Find out more about Mongolian BBQ here.

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