Father’s Day gift ideas he’ll love*

With Father’s Day fast approaching it’s time to come up with some great ideas to wow Dad. If you’re spending some time with him on his big day, you could present him with a gift or two like some face socks to make him laugh, or even take him out to dinner. While most Dads will be delighted just to spend time with you, it’s a pretty big occasion. You want to spoil him rotten and let him know just how wonderful a Dad he is. Here are some Father’s Day gift ideas he’ll love…


You could cook him a wonderful meal at home. And if the weather is as good as it’s promised to be, you might even put on a barbecue in the garden. If he’s watching his weight or being careful with his health, you could choose some tasty vegetarian options. Invite him to your home, or head out to his. Or you could even treat him to an evening at his favourite restaurant. To go a step further, you may pair your meal with some wine. If your dad loves wine, there are monthly subscriptions available! Splash Wine Club and others similar are subscription services that deliver wine straight to the front door. Food, wine, and his daughter. What more could a Dad need?


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Gift Hamper

Whether you can be with him on the day or not, you can always send a hamper ahead of his big day. Gift hampers can be stuffed full of all his favourite things such as food, drink and sweets. But it’s the hamper presentation that makes it so special and ideal for a big occasion like this. Add a note of love, or send a greetings card along if you can’t be with him on the day. And if you can be there, crack open the goodies and enjoy!

Experience Day

Experience days for Dads are great fun. They might take a round of golf at a big club, or drive a sports car. Maybe you can take Dad up in a hot air balloon, or spoil him with a celebrity meeting. Whatever Dad is into, there is an experience to suit. You might prefer to select something you can both enjoy, so you can go along with him and participate. Whatever it is, he’s sure to form some happy memories of his favourite Father’s Day


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Photo Op

If you haven’t had a family portrait taken in a while, why not use Father’s Day as the perfect excuse to head to the studio? Professional photographers can capture the bond and relationship beautifully. You can then have it framed or printed up on a canvas art. Why not have a copy for yourself so you can look up at Dad whenever you miss him? If you can’t get the whole family together, consider a nice photo of just you and your Dad instead. To go the extra mile, you can then take this photo and use it to make a Personalisiertes Geschenk für Ihre Lieben (a personalized gift for you loved ones in English). Simply upload the photo on the MadeMine website onto a mug, pair of socks, or blanket, and have the gift delivered straight to your father with your families faces on! This is an adorable present that will ensure your dad feels the love from you this Father’s Day.


Father’s Day is something that is celebrated by many men up and down the country. There is probably more than one Dad in your extended family. So why not throw a party celebrating how wonderful these fabulous men in your life truly are? You can decorate with lots of photos of all their children as babies. Maybe even your Grandfathers and Great Grandfathers’ pictures would be welcome? Lots of food and beer, because that’s what all dads love, right? You could even look at getting some Grogtag custom beer coasters that can be personalized with all the names of the dads invited. Then find a great playlist to celebrate the day in style. Happy Father’s Day!

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