Every Hand Needs a Glove

January is a really cold month. Christmas is over and so are the New Year celebrations, it’s back to work and the temperatures begin to dip below freezing. Yes, getting up early and putting your hands on that freezing cold steering wheel is almost enough to make you want to crawl back into your nice warm bed and tell the world to do one.

So, to make my January just that little bit more bearable, I was given some amazing Ted Baker leather gloves for Christmas. I have wanted a pair of leather driving gloves for about two years now, ever since I saw one of my colleagues at work with some gorgeous ones and realised she looked like someone super glamorous from a bygone era.

Yes, there is something super classy about driving in gloves. Although not the baby pink mittens I used to wear when I drove to sixth form in my fourteen year old Fiesta with the broken heater. That was less classy and more just plain dangerous. But there’s something about a nice fitting pair of leather gloves that makes you feel almost grown up and womanly rather than the awkward teenager that I feel like inside most days.

Ted Baker have got some gorgeous pairs in, most of them with contrasting colours between the fingers, tan and bright blue, dark green and red and the ones which I picked – purple and hot pink. Butter soft on the outside and with that fabulous new-leather smell they are cashmere lined inside which makes them comfortable and cosy.

One of my favourite up-market high street shops, I adore Ted Baker accessories. From their super shiny bright coloured purses to their winter patterned scarfs; I’ve even considered saving up for a MacBook Pro so that I can buy one of their laptop cases to carry it in!

I absolutely adore my pair and, even better, most of the gloves in Ted Baker are now in the sale. Although, my brother did say that I looked like Penelope Pitstop – but that’s a compliment, right?

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