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Perfect Glasses

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To be honest, I have loved both autumn and winter this year – I mean the colours were great for my Instagram feed but I am so ready to get a bit of sunshine and I can’t wait to jet off to Australia next week. Just in time, I got sent these lovely Esprit sunglasses from

Esprit sunglasses
These sunglasses are by Esprit and are super-cool aviators (never go out of style) with yellow and blue frames and I think they look pretty awesome. I always spend a little extra on sunglasses and I usually get designer glasses. These are available on the Perfect Glasses website for a really good price, along with a really wide range of other styles from brands like Fendi, Carrera and Calvin Klein. Remember my Marc Jacobs sunglasses from last year? They were from Perfect Glasses too! These Esprit sunglasses are also great quality as they’re lightweight and durable – perfect for clumsy people like me, I’ve lost count of the number of sunglasses I’ve broken!

Perfect Glasses not only sell sunglasses, but they also sell normal glasses too and they do prescription sunglasses and glasses too, perfect (pardon the pun!) for me as I’m really short sighted and need to wear glasses or contact lenses all day every day. It’s super easy to order glasses on their website and they dispatch orders with simple prescriptions within 48 hours.

Perfect Glasses
They also have a no quibbles return policy which is really important when buying glasses or sunglasses online. I find that you never quite know whether glasses are going to suit you until you try them on and so this gives you a bit of a safety net – if you’re not that keen on them, you can send them back with no hassle.

I can’t wait to wear my perfect sunglasses in Australia!

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