Destination: Cabo San Lucas, Mexico

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Cabo San Lucas
It’s that time of year again – where you have those leftover annual leave days and plenty of holiday weekends to get out of the house and go on holiday. Many of you are seeking warmer climates, so what better place than Cabo San Lucas, Mexico? Haven’t heard of it? Oh, just wait, you’ll like this!

A little bit about Cabo San Lucas

Cabo San Lucas translates to Cape St. Luke. The destination is popular due to its beautiful beaches and temperate climate. Its incredible rock formations and local marine life (dolphins!) make this a pristine choice for your next trip. It’s a place you must see to believe.

Getting there

The autumn and winter seasons are usually the best time to travel. Rates and general pricing drop since the summer rush is over. A place like Cabo San Lucas is an inexpensive place to get to. Flights in December (from Orlando) can be less than $400 return!

Want to bring the ticket price down lower? Use a few cheap flight hacks!

  •   Book six weeks early and in the middle of the week.
  •   Drop in through neighboring destinations.
  •   Set and track price alerts.
  •   Follow social media for great deals.

Getting to Cabo San Lucas usually requires a layover in Mexico City. Once you arrive at the airport you’re only a 15-minute ride into town.

Where to stay

You’ve made it! Now it’s time to settle in before getting out there and having fun. But, where to stay? How about…

  • All-inclusive resorts – Cabo San Lucas has plenty of options for those that want it all. The ocean-side resorts in Cabo San Lucas provide private rooms and access to the beach. These resorts are perfect for families that want to settle in; they have options for dining, access to fitness centers, host exclusive events, and start-studded amenities like infinity-edge pools and private coves.
  • Hostels – Those sticking to a budget and want to mingle with other travelers will love the hostels in the area. If you’re not opposed to sleeping in rooms with strangers then the price of $15 – $60 can’t be beaten. Don’t be fooled because a lot of these hostels have high-end private rooms available too!
  • Bungalows and cabanas – It’s something different and a little pricey but for the privacy and scenic beauty these two options are hard to beat. Airbnb has dozens listed starting around $30+ a night going upward of a couple hundred.

Mexico is generally quite cheap due to the exchange rate. A week-long trip to the destination should only set you back a couple hundred.

Things to do

You mean there’s more to do than sitting beach-side and soaking up the sun? Yes!

1.  Visit the famous El Arco or Land’s End landmarks

2.  Kayak or go boating around the bay

3.  Snorkel or scuba dive

4.  Go fishing (and have locals cook it up!)

5.  Take a stroll through the markets

6.  Have a drink at the famous The Office or Nowhere Bar

7.  Venture into the Baja Outback not too far from the town

Cabo San Lucas is ranked number 12 in the best places to visit in Mexico so you’re bound to find something awesome to do with your time there.

Bringing back memories

Cabo San Lucas is a picturesque destination that will create lasting memories. Prices for most activities are dirt cheap so even a small budget can send you off on a whirlwind adventure. Take some nice pics to share on social, mingle with the locals, and get a good tan.

Cabo San Lucas is an inviting destination that’s perfect for escaping those cold months.

The pros at CasaGo have compiled a large list of all the things to do and see while in Cabo. This is a trip that you’ll want to make the most of, so planning ahead is your best bet. Traveling with friends, kids, or alone, there are unforgettable activities that you don’t want to miss.

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