Cure the cold winter blues with the hottest pizzas in Sheffield*

In the heart of these cold winter months, it can be easy to fall into the rut of doing the same thing day in and day out.  We tend to close up our doors and windows and hide away from the outside world until the springtime. No wonder everyone feels so depressed! One of the easiest ways to break up the monotony of a cold, mid-winter week is with a pizza night. After extensive (and delicious) research, these Sheffield pizzerias have risen to the top of my list. They represent the fresh-baked upper crust of the pizza world, and are sure to make your pizza night a weekly staple!

Craft and Dough

Craft and Dough

This cosy locale is the perfect place to grab an artisan pizza and a craft beer. There’s no better place to start a Saturday night out or just grab a slice for a little midweek fun. Craft and Dough’s extra crispy, thin crust pizzas deliver all the flavour without weighing you down a bit. Not in the mood for pizza? They also serve excellent chicken wings and full brunch at the weekend!

The Porter Pizza Company

This minimalist pizzeria offers everything you want and nothing you don’t. Their wood-fire baked pizzas come stacked with toppings and are always served exactly how you want. Porter Pizza Company prides itself on offering special cheeses and dough to cater to gluten intolerant and vegan customers. Come for one of their irresistible specialty pizzas, like the New Yorker, which is made with tender beef pastrami and mustard. Delicious!

Stone Baked Pizza House

Stone Baked Pizza House

The thing that makes this pizza so special is spelled right into the name of the pizzeria. Stone baking is a unique way of pizza making, which utilises stone pizza slabs help to absorb moisture. The result is a distinctive, crispy crust. Stop into Stone Baked Pizza House for one of their many pizza offerings, or stay in and they’ll deliver a hot and fresh pizza to your door.


If you love pizza, then Proove will be an experience you won’t soon forget. This gourmet pizzeria serves up hot pies made with the highest quality Italian ingredients, like truffle oil, prosciutto crudo San Daniele and fennel salami. They’re well known for their thick, chewy crust and authentic, smoky flavour that only comes from wood-fire ovens.

Mamas and Leonies

Mamas and Leonies

Mamas and Leonies is an old-fashioned pizzeria and Mediterranean restaurant that looks like it came straight out of classic Italian cinema! The atmosphere is homey and welcoming, and the fare is the ultimate in Italian comfort food. Giant pizzas, meaty burgers and heaping piles of pasta abound!

Everyone loves pizza, and if you put out the call, family and friends will come running for some baked, cheesy goodness. Before you know it, you’ll forget about the dreary weather as you snuggle up with your family for a pizza and movie night, or have a laugh with friends over a party game and a hot slice. Sometimes, something as little as making a quick call to your favourite pizzeria can be the best way to brighten these dark, wintertime weeks!

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