The most common reasons for being overweight and how to beat them*

Most of us have struggled with a little extra weight at some point. It seems so easy to put on and almost impossible to get rid of again. Many of us struggle to understand why this happens. There are many reasons for gaining weight. Not all of them are to do with our lifestyle! Understanding what the common causes may be could help you avoid tipping the scales toward a problem weight. And if you know why you’ve put on a few pounds, you may be better equipped to get rid of them again.

One of the most obvious culprits is food. But how food affects you personally could be a completely unique problem. Some of us have food sensitivities that may leave us prone to bloating. While this may not increase the numbers on the scales by much, it may certainly affect your dress size from time to time. How you digest the food you’ve eaten could affect things too. This is not just about metabolism, but about how your body removes what you’ve eaten from your system.


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Detoxes are very popular for this reason. The idea is that all those sugars, fats, and other ingredients in our food can be removed more easily. Put purer substances in to give your body a break from the bad. Some say several pounds can be shed this way. Everybody is different. Those with medical conditions like diabetes could struggle with some detox programmes.

Portion control is something few of us know enough about. Some nutritionists suggest a fist-sized portion is ideal for carbs, and a palm sized-portion is perfect for a piece of meat. It’s not entirely accurate, but you can get the idea. The smaller you are, the less you need to eat. This means that the calories needed may be less than the daily recommended amount. It’s very difficult to tell. Some fitness apps that analyse your height, weight and build may be able to give you more accurate calorie needs data.

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Metabolism has a huge part to play. Your metabolism can be affected by many factors. Your size is just one of them. The thyroid gland can also affect your metabolism. Hypothyroidism makes it incredibly hard to lose weight. You may even find it difficult to summon the energy to be more active. There are ways to increase your metabolism. Exercise is one of the easiest. In particular, it is thought that leaner muscles could help you burn more fat.

Diet pills are also thought to give your metabolism a boost. Others are designed to reduce the amount of fat the body absorbs. You can order orlistat online if you think this might be right for you. Some people may be more prone to holding onto fats from their diet than others. A doctor can advise you if you are unsure. Cutting down on saturated fat in your diet is always a good idea. But don’t make the mistake of cutting out the fats that are considered essential to good health.


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Fats from omega 3, for example, are thought to be good for the body. Avocados are also thought to offer cholesterol-busting benefits. Sometimes, it’s what you eat that counts over how much of it you eat. Each diet plan you find will follow a different idea about the foods you eat. Not all of them will suit you personally. And sometimes, it’s a change in lifestyle the reaps the biggest benefits.

Activity levels will certainly affect your weight. If you burn more calories than you eat, you will lose weight. 3500 calories are equal to one pound of weight. It’s easy to consume. A large pizza may exceed it. Burning that many calories take a lot of activity. More and more people are using fitness bands to measure their active burns. Unless you analyze the data against your calorie intake, you may not have the full picture. This is why so many people are disappointed with their weight loss progress. And, as already discussed, your weight gain may go beyond simple calorie equations.

Sleep is hugely important to ensuring all your bodily processes and systems function correctly. The stress hormone cortisol can be increased through a lack of sleep. It is important for everyone to get a good amount of sleep, as this will help with functioning daily. Many of us are aware that cortisol can cause weight gain. Avoiding stress may not reduce the effect of this hormone, but quality sleep may help. Better sleep can be achieved with regular exercise and a healthy, well-timed diet.

It would seem that food and exercise will always have a part to play in unwanted weight gain. But there could be many other underlying reasons why some are more prone to it than others. Enjoy a healthy lifestyle.

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