How to choose a destination spa

Destination spa
For many people, the stress of daily life can become too much and so the temptation to get away from it all becomes great. A spa day is often the answer, but for a complete life overhaul, the destination spa can be a great way to get more than just a few hours of peace.

A destination spa is a place that is completely geared towards health, fitness and wellness and is usually found in limited and exclusive locations. This means they are often in far flung corners of the world and a stay there can last from a few days to a couple of weeks. So, if a destination spa appeals to you, what do you need to look for?

Why go to a destination spa?

A destination spa is intended to be a complete immersion experience. It offers more than a glass of champagne and a massage, it is usually made up of a full programme of peaceful wellness. This sort of spa aims to educate, rejuvenate and inspire through exercise classes, healthy eating, relaxation and education.

Not only are destination spas a hallmark of luxury, they also offer new experiences that allow their visitors to unwind and change their lives.

What is your goal?

When choosing a destination spa, you need to consider why you have decided to do this. Do you simply want total relaxation and luxury, are you trying to lose weight, do you want to detox your body or promote mindfulness?

Different spas cater for different needs, so you need to identify the one that is most likely to help you reach your goals.

Destination spa experiences

With a variety of goals comes a variety of experiences, some of which will be governed by the geographical location of the spa. If you want a sense of peace, you will need a spa in a remote location, something more lively is likely to be city based.

If you want to pamper yourself, it is worth remembering that some spas will restrict the consumption of calories, alcohol or caffeine, so be aware of this before you book. Some will include a range of beauty treatments such as facials, massages and body wraps, so check what you get in your package and what you need to pay extra for.

If you are wanting to explore the great outdoors, then certain spas will offer experiences such as hiking, horse riding, kayaking or climbing depending on the scenery that surrounds them.


Some spas offer specialist medical programmes for those wanting to address a medical issue, although it is probably worth consulting your doctor before you embark on this.

If your body needs a helping hand on the inside or outside, then many destination spas now offer classes and seminars in diet, health and fitness. They aim to give you the tools to continue your healthy journey even after you return home.

Choosing a destination spa is a big task. It is more than a fancy golf resort and can be spread or intimate, and based in the town or country. You should be aware of any age restrictions as many are adults only, and some will be single sex destinations.

For most people, a destination spa is a once in a lifetime experience, so do your research and choose wisely.

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Louisa Fryatt is a PR agent in the professional beauty industry and also writes for the UK Beauty Online blog.

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