Cheapass Sunglasses*

I am a sunglasses addict. I found out a few years ago that I have eyes that are super sensitive to light so as soon as there is any hint of sunshine, they go straight on. Plus they’re a great fashion accessory and hide a multitude of sins including a make-up free face and dark circles after a busy Friday night. They also make your face look better…I don’t know how – they just do! I got sent these gorgeous Professor Bang sunglasses from Cheapass Sunglasses and I adore them.

They’re super fashionable and this season’s must-have sunglasses shape – I think I’ve seen someone from Towie in them – and they’re perfect for summer trips to Ibiza and Marbella. And the best things about Cheapass Sunglasses? Well, the clue is in the name. A pair of these will set you back only 8.95 euros so you can afford to be greedy and treat yourself to one, two, or even three pairs – one for every outfit! Each pair has its own quirky name which I think is a lovely touch for a budget sunglasses brand.

Cheapass Sunglasses

Cheapass Sunglasses

Cheapass Sunglasses

Epic Fail

Of course, as with every holiday I ever go on, there was an epic fail AND it involved my Cheapass Sunglasses. I am terrible with sunglasses – I’ve lost both a Gucci pair and a Chanel pair in recent years SOB! – and on about the third day of my holiday to Portugal, I woke up and noticed that I’d either sat or stood on them. The arm of them was broken and one of the frames around the lenses so there was no hope of rescuing them. I was devastated(!) and had to pick up a cheap replacement pair.

I loved my Cheapass ones so much though that I might have to order another pair! Although, I’m also in love with the Buzzing Mooses design…

Find out more and order your Cheapass Sunglasses here.

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  1. November 15, 2016

    […] these bad boys that I broke in Portugal way back in May?! Well, Cheapass Sunglasses have treated me again to this […]

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